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Hi, I’m a 30yr old Personal Trainer from the UK. I’ve been following the I,BODYBUILDER program for 6 weeks now (3 weeks each on the first two phases) and I absolutely love it! I’m getting great results and loving that style of training.

I’m about to move on to the ‘legs’ phase but I was in a pretty serious car crash in January this year. I suffered a transverse fracture of my right patella which has meant that training legs is nigh on impossible. I know that in the program notes it says to stick religiously to the order of phases but I was wondering what advice you would have for me in my situation?

Would it be better to simply train my left leg by tweaking some of the exercises or should I miss out phase 3 and go straight to the chest phase? Any suggestions would be welcome, I really want to continue with the program as it’s the best one I’ve ever followed!

Nik, PT - UK