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I,Bodybuilder: How Many Reps on Each Set?

Hello, I´m an ectomorph, I´ve very slow twitch dominant fibers in the shoulders, arms & legs I want to make the I,BODYBUILDER workout but I´m not very sure if that rep range works for me please help mee

*I´ve 2 years of training

Like Nike, “Just do it”.

It works, no need, barring injury, to tweak it and make it your own.

all I read was ‘I want to start the I,Bodybuilder program, but I don’t think it’ll work for me’…

If you’re sure it wont work for you, then try something that you think will? -GVT? Chad Waterbury’s 100 rep stuff??

Every (well designed) plan will work to some extent, and most people havent tried anything like I,Bodybuilder (unless you’ve done HP Mass etc) so you should respond well to it either way!

…just my 2 cent.