I, BODYBUILDER for the Less Experienced

Hi coach, it may be a bit early to be asking the question but before i get hyped up about a what seems to be an awesome workout, i was wondering the effects this is likely to have on a less experienced bodybuilder? is this program best left for the people who have already seen considerable gains in the past or do you think most levels of bodybuilder would expect to see results?

just realised there were more pages on that article, i got the answer i needed sorry guys

would you mind copying and pasting the answer here? for those of us who don’t feel like scrolling through 15 pages of people asking if they can do it without the supplments

Coach… I just read the entire ‘I, BODYBUILDER’ article and what you guys are claiming sounds extraordinary, (if it was any other trainer telling me this I wouldn’t be inclined to believe them), an addition of 27lbs, in 1 year year nevermind 6 weeks would be an amazing amount of growth for me!

What’s interesting is the two basic parameters of your training;
1.Insulin Loading
2.High-Threshold Hypertrophy

I know you can’t give much away but I do have a few questions.

Firstly… you are known for your low carb diet, and carbs are the primary producers of insulin, so this insulin loading (at specific times I assume) is this brought about by intaking alot of carbs? and does this represent a shift in your thinking with regards to carbs in your own diet?

A quick google search of ‘High-Threshold Hypertrophy’ brought back no signifcant hits other than this T-Nation article. Does this mean that this is a whole new system of working out, i.e. loading parameters, duration of workout, frequency of workout, sets/reps and exercise selection than is traditionally used? Is this essentially a paradigm shift as to how we should be training, or a slightly different emphasis on an older more traditional system?

You also mentioned something else in the interview, ‘most people dont understand the power of the nervous system the only focus on working the muscle…thats the future of bodybuilding the nervous system.’ I understand that training of the nervous system is necessary to lift heavy weights, and heavy weight induce muscular growth buts that’s about it. I’m obviously far from understanding what exactly you mean.

Sounds complicated, I hope you can shed some light on the scientifics,

Mate, CT has said before on this forum he doesn’t like being pigeonholed as a low carbs guy, its horses for courses depending on whether someone is carb tolerant or not and their goals/requirements. I believe in his training he increases carbs during an optimal growth phase and will drop them down if he is dieting.