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I, Bodybuilder Compatible w/ Anabolic Diet?


CT or I, Bodybuilder team,

Will the I, Bodybuilder program be compatible with the Anabolic diet? The diet preaches very little carbs, but I can make an exception with the supplements :slightly_smiling:

Also, any idea when the workout program will be released to the public?



Well then, it wouldn't be the Anabolic diet then would it? The carb intake pera-workout with the timed insulin shocks would preclude ever maintaining ketosis, wouldn't it?


The Anabolic diet never really achieves Ketosis, and if it does it's only for a short time.

But, yah, it's not the anabolic diet if you take in this many carbs.


You can stay low carbs except for the para-workout period. But the para-workout period provides over 120g of carbs, so it's not low carbs anymore, and applying some of the 'rules' of the anabolic diet (very high fat intake, weekend carb-up) would, IMHO lead to fat gains.


Ah thanks,

Does the I, bodybuilding program detail nutrition and diet plans?

You havent answered when the workout regimen is coming out, I wanna try it as soon as I get access to it :slight_smile:


Read the article again. It covers everything from nutrition and when it will come out.


What if there was no weekend carb up? Only the ANACONDA Protocol and the no carbs for the rest of the time. Would that work in any way?


Yes, both Sebastien and Kevin dieted like this and used the protocol to prep for their contest and both got shredded.


Were they just more moderate with their fat intake?