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I, Bodybuilder by Sept 4?


Mr Thibaudeau, I read all your posts about the I Bodybuilder. I am very interested. I am training this week and ending on August 14 or 15th, then taking a 3 week layoff to let some nagging aches and pains heel. Was wondering if the I Bodybuilder series will be up by September 4th??

I am trying to gain some more LBM as I weigh right now 212-215 at 10.5% BF at 5'8" 35 yrs old and have been training 20 yrs. Thank you.. ALSO VERY INTERESTED IN THE PARA WORKOUT NUTRITION INFO.


This FAQ thread has the current recommended paraworkout nutrition protocol:


The full paraworkout nutrition thread is here:


I'm not sure of the exact date of the I-Bodybuilder program, but I'm pretty sure I read in his Questions about training thread that you shouldn't do a CNS intensive program prior to it.


If I were you, I'd take the time off then start up with whatever maintenance training you were doing. In the meantime, spend some time reading through the paraworkout and training threads (at least). You'd be surprised how many questions of yours can get answered without having to post once.


Guys, it's PERI-Workout, not para-workout.


I like para better... :stuck_out_tongue:


its spanishy

like el protocol es para el workout


I thought it was para- as in runs parallel to training...

Which includes, pre-, peri- & post- workout nutrition.


No, it is peri-, as in PERImeter (around).

There is no such prefix that defines "as running in parallel with." Not that I've ever heard.


Yeah Ponce is right. my bad.

Peri: Around, surrounding, near
Para: beside, beyond.

Oh yeah. OP, you may want to read through the original I, Bodybuilder article discussion thread too:



peri means during workout.

even Thibs calls it para workout.


All I was wondering if coach Thibaudeau can give an approximate date as before SEptember 4th or after Labor day.


Peri means around, like the perianal area where you arent supposed to use Nair.


I, BODYBUILDER will be released peri-2009, para-2009, around 2009.

ooh whatever, you know what I mean.


You know what? I think that if he COULD give a date, he'd have given it already. The question's been asked before in other threads. He either doesn't know (because it depends on how quickly Biotest can pull together the training video, documentation and supplement inventory) or he may not be at liberty to say. Biotest may not even have a hard date yet, just a target date. If they announced that target date and then were late (even by a couple days), they'd get shit for it from people on this forum. I don't blame them for not putting a date out there.

If you're so detailed that the program has to come out on a specific date, then you'll probably want to do the program exactly as written. Which means you'll have to wait for your order of supplements to arrive anyway.

Just keep training. Some people are even trying the peri-workout protocol without the Anaconda for the time being. Give that a shot.


Honestly I do not have an exact date. We will launch this only when its 100% ready. You guys have NO IDEA how much work is involved. It's not just writing a program and a diet. It actually entails creating computer stuff, programing, filming, etc. It will be ready when it's ready.


A Request: It'd be really cool if this thing was customizable based on schedule. Like you would enter how many days a week you are willing to go to the gym, and how many of those days you can work out twice a day, and it spits out a program.


Thank you for answering Coach Thibaudeau. I didn't realize you guys were going that much in depth.