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I Benched 300 Pounds!


Thank you thank you thank you thank you, you guys/gals here have been a tremendous help over the years. Feels great. Next up 315 then 365.

Link to workout journal for anyone interested:


Thanks again everyone!





Great job man, keep it up.


Nice one!


Nice job, next time post a vid!


Great milestone. Ride that momentum and keep it going.


Well done buddy


you're next big guy... when are you gonna finally hit 300 on the BP? :slight_smile:


did it taste like strawberries and feel like warm socks on a winter day?


So close, soooooooooo close...Ive been reppin 297.5 brah, just cant get that 300.


i know the feeling.... just keep on keepin on brah! you'll break though soon enough


Obligatory buzzkill post about keeping your shoulders healthy, or else you have to hit the milestone again post rotator cuff surgery, and it's not as cool the 2nd time.


I'm on my way to 300 too now that I figured out what I was doing wrong! (not enough food haha)

I'm at 275


Meh, I still find it relatively easy to add strength to lifts on a caloric deficit. I think corrections in training are all that is needed to keep lifts increasing...size on the other hand, pack in the cals.


That too, I actually backed off what my near max was slightly and focused on getting a few more reps with that weight. I began ramping differently too.


Yeah man people underestimate how much proper recouperation of the nervous system helps in adding to ME lifts and that comes from backing off in weight at times.


all hail teh wizdom of teh california abzz!


Sorry for hijack, but who the **** is that guy in your avatar? Those aren't lats, those are aeroplane wings!

PS. Well done OP!


Well Done!


This can't be emphasized enough.
Although I never had the surgery, many years of my youth spent just having to possess a big bench have now rendered my shoulders a chronic and weak mess.

Sincere congrats, OP.
Just remember why you lift. Hopefully it's not just to be able to brag about big numbers. My double bodyweight BP was one of my biggest sources of pride as a teen, but now I can barely push 200 up.