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I Beat Up A Guy (Epilogue)


Well as luck (or something) would have it, I parked next to the guy I fought with as detailed in my previous thread. He saw me in my car as he was getting out of his car and then came over to me and apologized for what happened. I did likewise, we shook hands and we both went on our way. Now I have pretty much seen it all.


humanism triumphs again


ha, that's funny, but i do believe that fighting can bring a new found respect between people, that's why all those people working in cubicles should just start hitting other people that piss them off instead of sending out bitchy little e-mails. lol


Crap. I foresee this thread inspiring yet another idiotic Fight Club reference.


did you hug too, may be exchanged numbers and have an intimate connection.

gay bro


good stuff.


good job
see some people arnt jerks in general..


I did that too with the tranny manequin roadrager in your thread.

I just forgot until you reminded me.


Self improvement is masturbation?