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I,BB minus Anaconda Protocol?


Coach Thibaudeau,

I very much understand that nutrition is crucial to maximizing gains in the weight room, so I want to be clear from the get-go that I am not disputing that training with the ANACONDA protocol would be the most optimal route.

What I would like to know is what kind of gains should I expect without it? I am a strength & conditioning coach at the collegiate level, and the products recommended are not legal from an NCAA standpoint.

For some sports, random drug testing can take place even in the summer/winter breaks from school, so there is no window for "illegal" supplementation even outside of official training periods. I am currently trying out and reading through the I, Bodybuilder phases, and I am really liking what I see.

The pre-activation, ramping and force outputs are right down my alley as far as athletic benefits, and the potential for building mass is an even greater bonus.

What should I recommend to my athletes in lieu of your recommended products? What, if anything, is an acceptable substitute?


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Hi There

Im from England, UK. I have been using The I Bodybuilder and now the HP mass program, without Anaconda and have got great results. Added 12LBs of lean muscle to my already reasonable physique (All natural I am a track cyclist so get drug screened) .

Instead of Anaconda which is illegal just source some but not all of the ingredients.

The key ingredients to Anaconda is the type of protein ( leucine rich caesin hydrostate ) the fast carbs in Surge and the creatine and citruline malate. all of these can be sourced independently.

Get the caesin hydrostate from "Pepto Pro" . Instead of Surge, I uses some ground rice starch and a bit of glucose from Lucozade. And as for creatine /beta aline / citruline malate, thats in all kinds of rival supplements. The main two are Pepto pro and the starch. That will give you the recovery and the gains. For a quarter of the price of Anaconda.

Before I get kicked of the site. Im from the UK and all the Biotest supps are out of stock, so even if and when I want to use them I canout.

And IM Only 20 years old. How can any young guy afford the Anaconda Protocal or even Indigo. One day when Im a millionaire. But right now, Id rather save to pay off my University fees or save for a mortgage. Sorry Biotest.

I have had stellar results all on my own.


[quote]georgecousins wrote:
All natural I am a track cyclist so get drug screened

You look great man. I have recently gotten into track cycling (just an amateur) and I was just wondering how you fit bike sprints into your programs?
It's obviously working for you.


Thanks for the info! I will research those products for my athletes!


Just curious, what in Anaconda is banned from your organization?


Nothing, he just made that up...

Unless the NCAA suddenly banned protein and candy bars...

The only thing I can see as POSSIBLY being remotely banned is the Alpha-GPC, and I'm about 95% sure it isn't...


Hi Guys, @ charlotte49er.

YOu must prioritize the sprint sessions if thats what you want to improve on. I do sprint session 3-4 times a week and they will be more taxing on your legs and metabolic system than a hard prower or leg session. Accordingly i only train legs once per week. The bike sessions are in effect very hard eccentric- less leg sessions. Hope this helps.