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I Ate a Muffin...


This morning I went to meet someone who can further my career for the first time at his apartment. He told me he was having muffins and bagels and such, which I never can imagine myself laying my hand on. I woke up a bit earlier than usual, and found my way to his apartment. He was an extremely friendly man, and incredibly knowledgeable. But, as he said, he had muffins and bagels on the table for me and him to have. As to not be rude, I ate a muffin. The whole blueberry muffin. It was fresh and moist- it couldn't have been made better.

As some of you know, I am an extremist. I know that. I probably take things way too far with dieting/eating/working out. But that's who I am. I am extremely happy doing it. If you've been following my cooking log in the nutrition section, you can see what I eat on a daily basis. Let me sum it up for you- steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts, steak (lean cuts), and sometimes chicken. I eat rice before and after my workouts (or sometimes potatoes). That's the only carb source i've pretty much eaten the entire summer, no exaggeration.

So what does any of that have to do with the muffin? Well, I post this to say, as "perfect" as that muffin was- it WAS NOT SATISFYING. I did not sit there and say to myself "mhhmmm wow this is great. Haven't treated myself to this in a while." I just ate it- yeah it was good- but nothing to drop dead over. On the contrary, this past weekend for breakfast I steamed up 5 soft boiled eggs. I took my egg, and dipped it in a salt/pepper mix for some seasoning. On my first bite i LITERALLY went "MHMMM" - it was delicious to me- now THAT's satisfying.

To everyone on diets- ask yourself before you go for that pizza or cake- is it really SATISFYING? Instead of eating that pizza, would you not enjoy a well-marbled rib-eye steak seasoned with sea salt and crushed red pepper, grilled just pink oozing with its juices? Maybe you have been craving it, but really, do you NEED it? I'm not saying you should not enjoy yourself- but I really think that if for most people on this site, that rib-eye is more satisfying than that pizza. Why not go out a grill a nice juicy hamburger with 90/10 ground beef and put a slice of fresh mozzarella and some avocado on it? Maybe slab on some barbecue sauce. You really would prefer a slice of cake over that? I know I sure wouldn't.

I post this for everyone on this site who is working hard at something and has their own "muffins" in their life. What are some better decisions you can make over the upcoming week? month? year? Did blacking out on friday AND saturday night with your friends really make your weekend THAT much more enjoyable? Why not offer to drive them one of the nights and lay off the alcohol? For all you dieters, second guess that cheat day- for all you drinkers, second guess the extra night out. We all have our vices, but when we look back does it really satisfy us when we give into it? Keep working hard. Let's not let our "muffins" interfere with our end goals.


Fuck 90/10 ground beef. Too lean.


I have 10% beef often, 5% sometimes. The added oil I use during cooking surely makes up the difference.


You need balance in your life. If I were you, I'd start trying to achieve it right now by fucking a female human being in a very awkward position.


Attaboy!!! I'm very proud of you, Tom. Tussles Hair

Now let's go find some whores!


Try this- dice up some onion and garlic and mix it in with the meat. Make the patties thick (like saucers, not like the flat mcdonalds patties). Then throw some salt/pepper/paprika/garlic powder/onion powder on top of the patties and press it in a bit. Grill it on medium-low. You can't overcook this meat it gets too dry. It should be pink in the middle. Also, DON'T over flip it. let it sit on one side until the top starts to brown/bubble with some of the fat, then flip it and let that side sit. I'm going to say around 6-7 minutes a side. For a size, just put the chop meat in your hand and "cup" the top hand over the bottom.


And here I was all excited that a SAMA thread wandered in



I have been a big supporter of muffins since the great Pancake/Waffle war of 07-09.

I still don't know what all of their hubbub was about. Senseless fighting over breakfast preparations if you as me.

And if you think your lame ass soft boiled eggs are anything to get excited about, it is only because you have never had one of my omelets with fresh wild black trumpet chantarelles.


No, you don't seem to get it. I DON'T LIKE REALLY LEAN MEAT! I wasn't asking for a recipe...but thanks...I guess...sort of....




^^^^I ate that muffin......

and it was delicious.


I'm just glad to see that there are others who can enjoy and respect the wonderful and varied spectrum of delights captured in the single word that is "Muffin".


The last Muffin I ate was at a squash club in NYC circa 2002.
She was delicious.
I won't sully the memory with anything lesser.


What'sa matter Tom?!

MUFFIN'!!!! ;(


The back seat of a volkswagen?


I want to see pics of the No Muffin man!


Congrats, want a cookie?


My last "cheat day" was Saturday. Started drinking beer at 2pm. Took a break for sex. Went back out drinking and had a thick ass cheeseburger at the bar. More beer. Followed by sex. Then beer. Then sex. Sex again. Then french toast.

I was very satisfied :slightly_smiling:



With that crazy strict/meticulous diet he better look awesome lol