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I Apologize


To all of the "regular/normal" members on this forum, I owe you all an apology.
This "gentleman" ragging BBB without any previous knowledge of the situation ( Standndeliver or whatever) is one of THE if not THE PRIMARY reason that I am away from these boards for prolonged periods of time. They straight out make me sick!

When I joined this board I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing or needed to do.
The "regular/normal" people here welcomed me and helped educate me so as that I could make my own educated/informed decisions regarding my progress and well being. I've YET to make the acquaintance of any "drug dealers", but I HAVE met quite a few half cocked assholes!

The guy helped someone get what they were seeking, does NOT make him a drug dealer!
He's going to be a doctor for Christ's sake! Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we on the "STEROID" forum? What did this asshole expect to find, a Dungeons and Dragons group?

What happened to BBB could've happened to any one of a handfull of us, he just drew the "short straw". If steroid use, sale, or discussion offends you, then WTF are you doing here? See my point? I could go on all friggin' night I'm so pissed, but my STEROID laden muscles are getting cold and it's time for triceps!!!!!!!!!!
Again, ladies and gentlemen that I call friends, I apologize. "Standndeliver" please go join the chess club, thanks, Tim


Tim, I was cheering you on reading your post. I certainly don't see any need to apologize. From where I am sitting you look complete in line.


ladies? where?! (good post, imo)


What happened to BBB?


What is really funny is "StandandDeliver" Posted this in the "How did you know they were the one" thread

So he got a free business and house. LOL you have no idea what fucking working hard is. GTFO of Dearborn.



Steroids ???
What are you people talking about. This forum is for the completely fictional discussion of our fantasies and day dreams. Any relation to actual drugs or information regarding usage...Is all made up, and similarities to ACTUAL truth's are coincidental, its all fiction; for entertainment.

You cant possibly meet any "drug dealers" on this forum, because we don't even know what drugs are.

We spend most of our time discussing our love of "bedazzled flippy flops".


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I agree with the post, and i am most certainly pro steroid use, but i am not sure i agree that being a doctor gives one more right to sell a controlled substance illegally, or that a fully qualified chiropractor is qualified to prescribe PED let alone sell.. as is suggested in the post.

But regardless. No need to apologise, the kid is a dick.

That opinion is common amongst those who cannot see what survival in this world really is.. is it following rules to your own detriment so you can have some sense of superiority ('i work 80 hours a week like a damn fool as i am not enterprising enough to do it any other way') or is it simply making your way as best you can as morally as you can?

I choose the latter.


Just glad to see you around Tim...The only thing worse than arguing on the internet is having a personality that is weak enough to be offended by it...BBB certainly isn't one of them...don't sweat the small stuff man.


You are oh so right, BBB and Morepain, which is why I apologized in "public".
The kid undoubtedly IS a dickhead, BUT it's NOT my place to point that out, LOL.
I was reading and posting between sets and for some reason I had a bit of "rage", LOL again.
I HOPE that you all know for the most part, that the behavior I exhibited last night is VERY uncharacteristic of me! I REALLY try to follow the "live and let live" philosophy.

Furhermore, BBB is a TRUE gentleman, EVEN when being verbally assaulted, which MAY be the reason I felt compelled to inject my unsolicited two cents!
As for the OP who implied that I had indicated it was OK to deal, distribute, hand out, lend steroids because he is going to be a doctor, misunderstood my point. I'm not the cunning linguist that some here are and I may not have articulated my point clearly enough.

What I actually had been pointing out was that BBB is not some "gangsta punk" with his boxers showing and his trousers around his ass, dealing drugs to young children in the playground.
To the contrary, I believe he actually was trying to do someone a favor and that this activity is/will not be his chosen career path. He is HIGHLY educated and extremely intelligent to the point of MY envy! He doesn't need, nor intend to be a "drug dealer", instead he has chosen the path of Doctor, healer, care giver, my point being... a noble profession. In other words, give the guy a break, he made a mistake. I DO believe that is why we put erasers on the ends of pencils, after all!
I'm pretty verbal lately, huh? I better back off my doses, LOL


hahahaha oh fuck, that's hilarious.