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I am Your Grandma




(I came.)


hahaha what the hell?


Is that a cup of chocolate in your avi?


It's Turkish coffee. It looks thick because the preparation creates a sort of thick foam layer on top.


I was going to post this exact video in the Faerie Folf thread as it is another wacky nutbar video.


Grandma Gaga


I wish my nana was this cool.



Cute chick


So is she cute cause she is a freak?


My ex mother in law still goes out to jam sessions and she's in her 70s now. She played her guitar and sang at our wedding.

She's a great grandma now.


That is pretty dope. When I was in high school this blues group came to our school to perform some music. One of the acts involved "Sweet Betty", who was this elderly black woman who could really wail, including playing behind her head and stuff. It was awesome, and I wish I had a video.


The thread title sounds like a song lyric from the Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration...


Yep, I bet she only does anal.