I Am Trying To Figure Out My BF %

I would do a dexascan first, then do your “deficit” and retest in a month or so to see if it was really a deficit. BTW, the more you diet, the more you need to diet. Your metabolism will adjust.


Why is deficit in “ “…would you prefer it be called a cut?

Oh no. I’m putting it in quotes because you don’t really know how many calories you need. You may find that you don’t lose any weight at the number you thought. Then it really wasn’t a deficit. You won’t know until you hit that number and then see where you are after X period of time.


According to BMI (bullshit) you are obese. But not morbidly. I’m guessing 35% BF.

The good news is that you should be able to cut easily based on your BMR. Get to 250 and re-evaluate.

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Lmao no

I don’t think “easily” is correct. Considering a tape test, dexascan, and calipers never went about 25%. The only test that was at 30% was the bodpod which has a margin of error for individuals of 15% and that’s with normal sized bodies. Im 6’5” 300+ lbs which is not normal lol. The average human is >6ft tall

You can think what you want. I’m not trying to be mean but yes easily. You are in no way down to 25%. I’m a stranger you asked for strangers opinions. You got mine now. Does it really matter is the real question? My best buddy is 6’6” and he’s very fit at 240. You’re 300lbs… got some work to do sir but you know that. Best of luck to ya.

You are correct it was dumb to ask the internet lol. Thanks for the response

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Not quite. I’d say it’s futile to ask a forum full of people, many of whom have been bodybuilding for decades scrutinizing thousands of physiques, when you are personally not willing to tolerate any answer that isn’t what you want to hear. There’s juuuuust enough defensiveness in all your posts hidden underneath a friendly exterior that tells me you’re not qutie mentally there for this journey yet–where you take extreme ownership of where you’re at and what you need to do. I mean you’re trying to convince strangers online that you’re 25% bf. With all due respect, who gives af?

Without doing some hydrostatic weighing, you’re not gonna quantitatively know for sure. But qualitatatively, here’s some standouts:

  1. You have no visible muscle separation anywhere…not even the upper arms or forearms. Perhaps a tad in the traps.
  2. You’re only showing like 20% of your body in this photo. Conveniently hiding your stomach, and we don’t know what your back or legs look like.
  3. This is with very favorable downlighting, which will bring out the most definition!
  4. You are flexing, yet still no visible definition.

So I’m not sure if you have some dysmorphia going on here, you don’t know what 25% bf actually looks like, or you’re just kinda pissed at the reality of your situation and disagreeing with anyone being truthful. In any case, my gut tells me you’ll get there soon enough and have a successful journey, but in the meantime over-scrutinizing numbers that don’t really matter is a waste of time and mental energy that could be better spent on game planning your workouts and diet plan.


I think the defensive your seeing is me trying to figure out if the veterans of this online community have a better estimate than the 4-5 tests I’ve had done. If you look at my other post I said “it’s abundantly clear I need to reduce my bf”. I think you are reading juuuuuuuuuuuuust too far into this. I started my cut/deficit yesterday so I’ve heard the opinions of more experienced people and made the changes. Chill my guy

Are you saying you had a DEXA scan done? If you did, just use that as your BF percentage number.

Dexa said 25% with MoA at 5%. So anywhere between 25-30% as IT IS VERY CLEAR MY BODYFAT IS NOT BELOW 25%

Sounds good. Lift hard and kick ass.


Interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a margin of error number on my Dexa scans. Perhaps yours had one since I’m guessing you didn’t fit on the table given your size.

Another interesting POV… say I had a Dexa that said I was 35% but the mirror says I look ripped like @T3hPwnisher. Would you care what the Dexa said? Now reverse that, the Dexa said you are 10% BF but you look like a chunk in the mirror. Again, do you care what the Dexa says? My point is I go by the mirror and if I’m happy with how I look to myself. That’s what matters. If you’re happiness relies on strangers opinions… well the forum has spoken.


I appreciate what you guys are saying and let me be clear, I am listening to what you guys are saying. I have way too much body fat. Period. I am currently trying to figure out how to optimize my diet. I’m fat it’s not going to bother me. I had a back injury in the army where I couldn’t walk father than 200 ft and was pissing myself at nighttime due to nerve damage lol and I’m in my 2nd year of being back into the gym. I’m under the impression the higher the Bf the greater the deficit I should run. I’m aiming for 600-700 deficit but if I can go more without sacrificing what muscle mass I do currently have, than that’s what I would like to do but, again, I don’t know.

Ok lay us our your macros and typical eating plan for each day.

Not necessarily. If you have patience the slower you go the more muscle you will preserve.

Honestly that sounds like a good start to me. If you provide your nutrition plan I may be able to give you some feedback that would assist you.

Please elaborate on this. If you are taking anabolic, which is not advisable with high BF, this will allow you to preserve muscle easier. A better strategy is to cut first and use them once lean to grow.

Just realized that I have 3 separate post discussions. I thought all of them would be in the same thread.

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I am new to the forums here and if this is the incorrect posting method, my bad.

I have been lifting regularly for about 3 years (at least 3 days a week), and just in the last 2 years I have been working diligently on my very amateur periodization. I wanted to post my current diet and workout plan to see what I should change or what looks good. I was in the military and when I got out I had my test levels checked and they were very low 236 ng/dl. I started trt 3 weeks ago currently on 140mg Test Cyp weekly (2 injections on my own). I plan to do a blast (400mg / Anavar) before the end of this year depending on my body’s response to the current protocol


6’5" 306lbs approximately 25-30% BF 26 years old


“Powerbuilding” I don’t mind being a little fluffy but would like to be about 16-18% BF. Build muscle mass and strength


I ran a 18 week deficit (too long i know) of about 500-700 calories and lost about 15 lbs. No strength lost during this time.

I plan to eat 3000 calories daily

75g fat
200-300g carb
250-300g protein

Noooo…. Slow and steady wins. Remember, the body will adjust. And then you will have to cut more.I would recommend finding a place where you don’t gain fat and then add cardio to put yourself into a deficit. Shoot for at least 500 cals burned each day. That would be 35 minutes going at it on the elliptical for you


500kcal from cardio or just in general 500 from activity.