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I Am Trying To Cut, Please Help


Hey guys.
Recently I decided that I need to cut. I took people's advice and just ate a lot of food for a while and was following ABBH for a couple of months. I know a couple of months is nothing but I am around 25% and it is pretty unhealthy me thinks. I feel as though getting rid of fat will drastically help gain muscle for a couple of reasons.

Number 1 because of my weight I can't do lifts like pull ups and other such useful things.

Number 2 I really feel like my cardio takes a huge hit from being overweight when I am doing lifts like squats and deadlifts. .

Number 3 I am just sick and tired of being fat and just lifting weights and eating has not helped me lose any of it. Mind you I was eating like crazy and I didn't seem to gain any fat either.

Anyways. I was thinking 2200kcal on days out of the gym, and 2500kcal on days that I go to the gym. I have been doing this for about 5 days now and my diet is nutrient dense foods only.
I am 6 feet tall and 210 pounds. On off days I have been doing about 1 hour of cardio before breakfast.

Please give opinions, and no wise cracks about laying off of the potato chips.. I don't eat them anyways. :slight_smile:
Thanks guys


Read this:



Thanks a lot for the link, very useful. According to this article my calories are indeed a bit to low. Thanks again.


Hey there I read a study done in japan that if you do cardio for 30 minutes then have a 20 minute break and do another 30 min of cardio it moves bodyfat alot better.

I personally have not tried it.
Are you using and supps for fat loss? e.g HOT-ROX, lipo-6? anything.
Have you gone to low fat foods, like cheese, milk, flat mountin breads etc?

I got a lil over weight at one stage and I just cut out all of that, done 30 - 40 min of cardio on the weight room bike and lost 11LBS in a little over 2 weeks.

Good luck champ


More details would help.

  1. What are you doing activity wise (weights/cardio/etc...). I mean in terms of program design, rest periods, etc...

  2. Give a breakdown of your meals.

  3. Indicate how 1 and 2 differ from a few weeks ago. Think in terms of how you are creating a caloric deficit. Also, how was your weight/body composition shifting in the month prior to you deciding to cut body fat.


Hey, thanks for the tips I will try to use it when I have extra time in the day. I am not on any weight loss supplements.


To answer number 1 and 2 I just decided to start following the West Side program .I have been using a 2 min rest for most lifts. Except for squats and other lifts that require massive amounts of oxygen. These I give myself 3 minutes on them. My cardio is done before breakfast about every second day or so and I always do a 10 minute warm up before lifting.

Here is a break down of my meals!

To answer number 3 I was following ABBH before deciding I need to lose a lot of fat. My body composition hasn't really changed very much at all I don't think. Ie) I was getting stronger but the fat was still sticking around. I will have to be honest, I was eating enough protein and lots of vegetables, but I would do things like sneak cookies in the middle of the night, eat pizza pops, etc...

Thanks for your post


Thanks for the reply Dan. Here are a few quick suggestions:

  1. If you're doing a Westside style program I'd say after your primary movement switch to alternating movements. For example, if you're going a squat session something like this:

A. Squats
B1. RDLs
B2. Standing ab crunches
C1. Pull throughs
C2. Chin ups

This will allow you to shorten the rest periods and it really ups the heart rate without really impacting strength levels. I use it to shorten my sessions since I train late at night, but it can also be used for weight loss. I didn't just start doing this because it's in CT's recent program design article, but he discusses it there so take a look.

  1. Diet. I took a look and overall not bad, but that isn't really a lot of veggies. Try to have some with every meal and obviously you know the snacks need to stop. Also I couldn't tell from the other thread, but try to design your meals that they are basically even calorie-wise, with a few more calories in the am and fewer the closer to bed.

  2. Cardio. Keep doing the low-impact stuff since you have time and it is well, easy. Try to steadily up the amount at times per week and/or session times.

  3. Ditch the scales as far as %bf is concerned. Those scales are horribly inconsistent. Try taking some photos and/or a couple measurements such as around your stomach (the tape should go across your belly button).

Train hard.


No problem champ.
You may want to try some HOT-ROX or any other decent weight loss supp you can get.

Let us know how your progress goes.



Which is better, HOT-ROX Extreme or just straight up Carbolin 19?


If going on say a month or tad longer specific fat loss program, I would advise going with HOT-ROX Extreme. After that I would, and myself do, keep running on Carbolin 19.

Carbolin 19 is supp you can keep rolling on for a long time and reap the benefits of improved body composition. I stay on it as a stand alone and then switch to either HOT-ROX Extreme or Alpha Male both of which contain Carbolin 19 depending upon goal at the time.



What if you're just doing your regular routine and eating moderately well under circumstances? Living normally but just looking to keep some of the fat off.


Wow thanks a lot for the time you have taken to help me. I really appreciate it. To be honest I wasn't exactly expecting this quality of help. I noticed you were from Ontario yourself. Where you from? I am in Kitchener! :slight_smile:
P.S, I won't take offense if you don't want to disclose that type of info, I understand how important privacy is. Either way, thanks again.


I was considering using HOT-ROX. I went to the local GNC and I was blown away by the price. Now.. I could afford it if I really wanted to. I was talking to the gentleman at GNC about how it works. He mentioned that it increases your heart rate and has a mixture of herbs. This really scared me off from trying it.

As it is my heart must already jump over 200 beats per minute for a short time on heavy deadlifts. I could just imagine doing squats and having a heart attack.

Anybody have any info on this?


Thanks to everybody for reading and contributing. It really helps me, you guys are great.


ANY thermogenic product is going to cause a transient increase in heart rate.

In the vast majority of people, the increase is negligible and unnoticeable.

And, with prolonged use, the effect on heart rate should diminish, but the fat-burning effect will continue.


Thanks for your response TC. I will consider it.


Earlier today I was thinking about this whole HOT-ROX thing. I realized the conversation at GNC was not about HOT-ROX but about hydroxycut.


Seriously, just get it from the store here, not GNC. it should be cheaper.


I started taking a fat burner today. Went to GNC and decided to try it out. I would have tried out HOT-ROX, but unfortunatly I don't have a credit card. I asked the gentleman at GNC about them, he said he is pretty sure they are illegal in Canada. Not sure if it is true or not.