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i am tring to tone up i want something hardcore

i have a problem trying to find a good eating plan for myself. i use to be a big guy i was over 300 pounds and i lost 100 pounds and i am about 210 now. i just got my bodyfat tested and i had about 13 but i want to get down to 8 what can i eat to help me do that.

you are lazy

try eating food, also you can try protein powders (aka liquid food)

Do a search on t-mag using The diet manifesto that should give you a fair bit to look into, also Massive Eating and Don’t Diet. Oops I prob should have called you a dumb ass or something so I could be a real T man like the earlier repliers.

Subway sandwiches! Only 6 grams of fat! And soy burgers! :slight_smile:

uuuuuuuuummmm…sets of crunches to failure, yeah that should get you t****, come back to us when or if you ever get finished…

ops, that was for the other one…i see that T word and go blind with anger…

Look in the previous issues section and FAQ section of T-mag. People will flame you if you don’t do at least some of the leg work yourself.

You can ‘tone’ or you can be hardcore, you can’t do both.

Read the T-dawg and Massive Eating diets. Use the T-dawg diet, with or without Androsol. Without Androsol you’ll have to monitor calories and fat vs. weight loss more strictly. Don’t drop carbs lower than 100g on workout days. Eat protien powder, lean meat, and supplement with essential fats. Try getting some Udos Choice oil and mixing it with tuna for your pre-bed snack. Throwing in cottage cheese would be ok too, since it’s fairly low carb. Follow massive eating principles for ALL meals, but not massive eating calorie levels. Do cardio 2-3 X per week at 75% of your MHR, preferably not in the same session as your weight training. And for crying out loud, lift HEAVY and do COMPOUND EXERCISES. If you’re not doing squats, deadlifts, bench presses (dbs or bar), pull-ups, bent-over rows, and dips, you’re not growing. Cheers!