I Am The One Who Knocks

It’s amazing to me how little time it takes for that to just completely and 100% SUCK.

It’s why I love to hate sled work!

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Slow 40 min recovery jog. Nasal breathing to control pace


Engine is good, baseline strength is good. Feel like doing a bit of good ol’ fashioned hypertrophy…with some conditioning of course

Bench 5x5 w chins
Incline db press 5x8
Incline fly 4x10
Flat fly superset w plate squeeze 4x12
Dips 100 total

21-15-9 assault bike cals/10 kg swing
Rest 1 min
21-15-9 row cals/10 kb swing


Good plan but where was the curls.

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Back on another royal marines S&C program. Unsure if I’ll use it as a bridging program or stick it out in its entirety.

At the very least it’s hitting a bit of everything

  1. Cleans 5x5 W 75kg
  2. Front squats 5x5 W 100kg
  3. Front rack reverse lunges W 50kg
    4a. Single arm farmers walk 50m X5
    4b. Sled push 100m X5
  4. Ski erg intervals 5x30 cal W 1-2 min rest


  1. Push press 5x6, 75kg
  2. Strict press 4x8, 45kg
  3. Incline bench 4x8, 60kg
  4. Flat bench 5x5, 85kg
  5. Superset flat fly/incline fly 4x12
  6. Superset db front raise/side raise 4x12

No conditioning today, ran out of time. Heck of a pump

  1. Snatch 5x5, 50kg
  2. Snatch pull 5x3, 80kg
  3. OH squat 4x10, 40kg
  4. Circuit x4
    Offset single arm farmers & overhead carry x50m
    Spread eagle sit ups x10
    Swiss ball rollouts x15

Conditioning later will be a 5km run or row


Did a 5km row later that day

About 20 mins.

Today was

Clean and jerk 5x5 at 70kg
Behind the neck jerk 5x5 at 70kg
Squats 4x10 at 100kg
Anderson squats 4x10 at 100kg


pics or it didn’t happen…LOL

Deadlifts 5x5, 165kg
RDL 5x8, 100kg
Lat pulldown 5x5
Bent over row 5x5, 100kg
Chin ups 4x10
Seated row 4x10
Superset cable curl/overhead tricep extension 4x12
Superset db curls/dips 4x10/15


I confess that every time I see someone wearing one of those heart rate monitors, I just wonder how fat someone has to be before it doesn’t work anymore.

….I also wonder if I am at that point lol.

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you either put that up to make me work harder or get harder. Both are ok with me. LOL

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Haha yeah when you look down at the HR watch and it just says “nope”


Well you keep on teasing me with those sexy red shoes. It’s like foot lingerie

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Gotta love some good Aussie banter. people all over the world reading your log and thinking. WTF is wrong with those two. LOL


Condition 30 min emom

Min 1 - 12 cal ski
Min 2 - 15 burpees
Min 3 - 30 air squat

This one got spicy real quick


Tons of very impressive work happening in here.

Question: how do you plan/ structure your training? It all looks awesome and savage as hell, but I can’t make heads or tails of the overall structure. Let’s say someone wanted to start training like you – what would you tell them to do?

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Well right now I’m follow a program by Grizz Phys which are a bunch of Royal Marines who write programs based for those in military/leo type roles or who want to work in that capacity. They’ve got an Instagram page if you want to check them out.

They focus mostly on conditioning but right now I’m doing a strength block.

Some sessions run long, or have an AM/PM component so I either break it up over two days or fit it in where I can. I’m not too strict on the old “Monday needs to be squat day” schtick.

This program is 5/6 days PW but sometimes I’ll train for 7-14 days straight, other times I’ll take rest days. I just pick up where I left off and look at it more as workouts 1-

  • workouts 1 - 42 etc. And go in order. There’s no magic to only lifting on the same day.

I’ve done almost every program and style under the sun.

The “key” is consistency AND intensity, and finding YOUR balance.

No good training every day if it’s horseshit effort.
No good training hard for a week and quitting.
But you train with both? Results.

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I will say that depending on your experience/strength/fitness level then something simple is the way to go.

Something measurable to track improvement and competency

Like a 5/3/1 for example could be

Day 1
OHP 5/3/1
Assistance dips and rows/pull ups
Then a short conditioning piece like 1-5 rounds tabbata anything (rope/bike/ski/burpees/backflips who cares)

Day 2
Squat 5/3/1
Assistance kb swings and abs

  • Optional upper body low impact like bis/tris

Day 3
Bench 5/3/1
Assistance incline press/lat pulldown
Another short conditioning piece, maybe a ladder of reps like 1 up to 10 KB swings and burpees, back down to 1 rep if you feel good

Day 4
Deadlift 5/3/1
Assistance goblet squats and abs

  • Optional upper body stuff

Day 5
Longer slower cardio, think HR 140ish bpm and not something that will fuck up your training.

That’d be a basic intro to my “style” of training.
Depending on your recovery, conditioning, goals etc you can ramp up the conditioning portion and skip the assistance work or vice versa.
You can add in Olympic lifts like Cleans to start overhead pressing, in fact I’ve found I feel ‘stronger’ when I start my overhead stuff from the ground on every rep.

I would recommend getting some sort of coaching for Olympic lifts though as they are technical, if you want to do them right.

Some programs I’ve done are

Westside for skinny bastards
Ryan Fishers HIIB 100 variations
Grizz Phys - various

If you’re looking to really get into conditioning I would HIGH RECOMMEND getting a copy of Tactical Barbell 2. Awesome, awesome value for money.

Sorry for the long winded response haha, more a complex answer than I intended