I Am The One Who Knocks


1km run
100 pushup
100 sit up
800m row
100 bench dip
100 Russian twist
1km run


Thursday was squats

Today was bench

Lots of reps and rounds and carries. CBF writing it all down haha


Very very quiet here but I have seen signs of life on IG. Everything ok mate ?

Heya! Yes sorry ghost town in here haha. All going well. I intent at some point to re-visit Every Day Carry however for the past two weeks I’ve been smashing my conditioning and muscular endurance hard.
I’m following a 5-6 day/week program written by the royal Marines and it’s kicking my ass and isn’t completely random. There’s a mixture of work in it and I’ll start posting workouts again I promise haha.

Life is great.
Work is great.
Jiu Jitsu is great.

Hope you’re well too mate


This one from yesterday had me gasping

3 round buy in
21 KB power snatches
15 burpees
9 chins

Immediately into

4 rounds
400m run
20 jumping lunges
30 bodyweight squats

3 round buy out
21 KB power snatches
15 burpees
9 chins


That is good to hear sir. Things are pretty good with me too although I wish it would warm up a bit

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5 min assault bike warm-up

5 rounds “leg wobbler”
10 squat jump
20 mountain climber
10 tuck jump
20 jumping lunges
10 lateral jump
100m spring (subbed for 8cal bike sprint)

Rest 5 min

10 rounds
10 pull up
20 pushup
30 kb swing 24kg
All rounds unbroken


4 mile run
10km ride

Good old grunt work


2 hours open mat

Focused on leg pins/rides today.
Very effective at neutralizing and tiring out my training partners. Still got swept and submitted a lot by the higher belts, but they had to use noticably more energy to do anything and gave really good feedback afterwards.
Will definitely keep working on this as it blends in to my style already


Are you noticing any sweeps or submissions that are happening more frequently than others?

I went through a stretch when I was especially vulnerable to scissor sweeps and triangles. Helped me realize a few basic things I could improve when inside the guard and it’s been years since I’ve been caught by either.

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Almost the opposite if that makes sense? I’m pretty patient at working on a technique until I get it right. I used to get swept all the time from deep half, so I just kept working on it, stating low and heavy on the hip and protecting my near side arm, now I’m more likely to be swept if I get to aggressive going for a pass or submission.

Today I got elevated and swept a lot from butterfly, but that was because I was intentionally trying to counter the butterfly and pin the legs to the side with varyinf degrees of success haha

Also depends a lot on the ability of my training partners too, to be fair.

I would say I more commonly get swept as a counter when I demonstrate poor technique, as opposed to just being swept it that makes sense?

I’ve definitely found my strength and balance help me stay on top a lot, even with good guys/girls


I missed the submission part of the questions. Yes I am still getting my head around leg entanglements and how to safely escape. I’m getting better at hiding my heel but still struggle to get out of the leg entanglements.

Also a few of the better guys have caught me in reverse triangles when I defend the armbar so there’s that to work on too

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5 minute burpees
5 minutes rest
3 mile run


3x8 chins paused at top
3x8 wide chins paused at top

Circuit A - 3 rounds
20 close pushup
20 pushup
20 wide pushup

Circuit B - 15 rounds
3 toe to bar
6 kb snatch (alternating)
15 deadball over shoulder 30kg

Good times


Chipper today

1.5 mile run
50 kb Deads
40 kb swing
30 burpees
40 kb swing
50 kb Deads
1.5 mile run

The first mile of the final run was not the most fun I’ve ever had