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I Am The One Who Knocks

Fun strength day today

Wide grip chins 10x20kg, 8x25kg, 6x25kg
Z press 15x37.5,kg 10x45kg, 8x52.5kg
Plate halos x6 each side W 20kg
Burpees x10

BW row W 3 sec hold x30 sec
Bench press 5x90kg
Turkish get ups X5 each side W 12kg
60 sec rest

W 30% strict OHP max
10 press + 30 sec overhead hold
8 press + 20 overhead hold
6 press + 10 sec overhead hold

Good shit. Massive shoulder pump.

The Turkish get ups ruin me

Pretty sure that final set of z press was a PR

Good times all round


1.5 hr competition rounds BJJ.


Bit of HIIT work

3 rounds of tabbatta versa climber
20 sec on, 10 sec off x8. 1 min between rounds

4 rounds of
30 sec max effort sled drag
12 hammer curls
30 pushups
90 sec rest

Versa climber is awesome. Should use that more


2 hrs open mat sparring

I started every round defending mount.

I got beat up, crushed and submitted A LOT

But, by the end I felt like I was so much calmer from that position, and not only that, when I was rolling against other whitebelts I was able to sweep, pass and submit multiple times.

The other day I purchased a BJJ fundamentals flow chart that’s like a PDF with linked videos. Anyway it basically builds from the ‘worst’ positions up to the most dominant ones.

Each position had some key defensive or offensive principles and then like a flow chart it has options, and what to do when they fail etc.

To me it makes so much sense, so I’m intentionally starting in the most uncomfortable positions so that eventually my attacks will BEGIN from those spots.

It’ll take a long time and it’ll suck for a while but I think for me, being defensively rock solid will mean I can just open up my attacking game and not care about being swept because that’s my starting position


Love your mindset man

Your physique matches it. Says a lot my man

Keep going brother

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Big fan of this approach and wish more people would take it in grappling. There is SO much ego in grappling and people want to “win” rolls rather than use them as an opportunity to improve. Coming from a wrestling background, I’d pull guard right away and work from there, because I was SUPER uncomfortable on my back, whereas scrambling for position was something I was good at and had no reason to focus on.

We get dangerous by forcing ourselves into bad situations and overcoming them. You are already dangerous, and becoming even moreso.


I appreciate it man. My ribs are unhappy with my decision today but that’s the cost of doing business i guess haha

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Strength 3 rounds
5 burpee tuck jump
Pause deadlifts 10x135kg, 8x155kg, 5x180kg
20m single arm farmers carry W KB
1 min plank

10 min emom
3 beltless squat 120kg
Rest of minute plank

Emom deadlift in multiples of 2 W 90kg
Min 1 = 2
Min 2 = 4
Min 3 = 6 etc
Completed round 10 = 20 reps
My ribs HATED this and the pause deadlifts
I think next time I can for sure go over round 10


HIC today

Part 1
2.4km run

Part 2
3 rds
20 push press
20 back extension
20 chin ups

Run in 9:10 which was probably a 7.5/8 out of 10

Intercostal muscles on my right ribs under my pec are still sore/tight as which was a limiting faction, same with chin ups.

Good to stretch it out

Weighed 85kg on the dot


I put 0 stat points into V taper and maxed out my thickness stat


Last night was 1.5hrs BJJ

Technique work on guillotines and guillotine defence

Plus live rolling

I had some good rounds, defended mount and back well, got crushed in side control but also got some guillotine offence going



5 rounds of Tabbatta sled pushes

20 on/10 off for 8 efforts
1 minute rest

This was dogshit haha.

As much a mental game as a lung buster with the added bonus of a massive calf and, somewhat suprisingly, abdominal pump


Ripped mate

I gave you a shout out in my new IG video mate. Thanks for the inspiration

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You definitely have some solid external obliques. Mine are like that, only with about 10% more body fat hiding them…

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I’m honoured my friend! Great video, great message

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So yeah I’ve got bruised ribs lol. Awesome.

I’ll take a couple days off from BJJ just to get the healing started, I definitely made it worse Wednesday night.

Minor set back, and the lessons learned of escaping mount will stick. Simple, not easy.

Ribs made today uncomfortable but didn’t ‘hurt’. I’ll make sure I modify any exercises that I can’t do

Upper day

STRENGTH 3 rounds
Single arm Db row 12x32kg, 10x37.5kg, 8x45kg
Floor press 12x70kg, 9x82.5kg, 8x95kg
Hand release pushups x10
Windscreen wipers x7

Close grip chins X12
Strict press 8x45kg
Crucifix holds W KBs 30sec

2 rounds, 40s on/20s rest per exercise
Db neutral bench press
Bench dips
Decline pushups
Rolling tricep extension
1 min rest


Lower day

5 burpee tuck jump
Box squat 15x110kg, 10x130kg, 12x155kg
10 reverse lunge
30 sec long lever plank

5 deadstop deadlifts W 160kg
5 single leg bw glute bridge
30 second dish hold

ASSISTANCE 10 mins same barbell
30 sec deadlift row
30 sec rdl
30 sec Sumo deadlift
30 sec rest

Ribs are still uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say painful anymore

While I REALLY wanted to shoot for 20 reps on box squats today I am also mindful of not prolonging this rib, because I’d very much like to get back to BJJ as quickly as possible


Gordon Ryan has highlighted this as key to his (and the DDS) approach to training. It is a real thing that many of the best grapplers rarely find themselves in bad positions in training and struggle mightily when a superior grappler - or even just a superior interaction - puts them there.

In my imaginary bjj school, all the sparring we would do in class would be either positional (first takedown or guard/pass guard) or escape-based (mount, back, north-south, side, knee on belly). It’s my favorite way to train because it is so much easier to focus on what matters.

I’ve also found, when I did teach for a few years, that students tend to have more productive open mats if they’ve been doing positional or escape based training in the previous class.

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Thats disgusting