I Am Still With It, Any Advice?

One year and a half ago i was laying in the E R, and the docs where dumb founded trying to figure out if I had a heart attack. I was at two houndred fifty pounds give or take three. Yeah I wish it was all muscle.

Well this week I steadied at 180 the past month it was bouncing every week 190-180. now I can go for 170. I amonly 5’7". I try to pack the muscle on and I would be satisfied aat this weight if I could burn the fat. I have burned alot through weights and running and cycling.

It never really hit me till I saw a pic that was two years old, and I thought WTF was I doing. No I did not have scale but looking back I could not wrap a towel around my gut. I was always healthy until; I wont go into all that.

Two things though strressssssss here at home and work I could not fricken get near enough sleep, or work out it was wake up drive two hours one way work ten chase kids eat dinner the exaughstion would set in and right to the couch try to get mind of off the day and, then pass out on the couch.

Now I work for tens only drive hour and a half all day. I have plenty of time to work out in the A M how I like to. I am really a grumpy bastard now if I do not work out.

What I do does not pay the bills, and I may have to go back to the old shit I previously described.

-I am hoping I can do five tens and they pay for a room for three or four nights and partial milage,sincethey offer mileage then I can bring a bench bar and dumbells.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I am working at finding fourty and over competitions next year, and I do not want to lose ground.

I have made alot of progress if I had any decent pics that actually showed the full girth and circumfrence of how far I have come (thanks to T-nations support and constant ability to inspire me) I would share them. So you could see, and I could inspire others.

I would run this through preview,and make spelling changes etc., but this computer need to be thrown out. it cant do it all any more.

Yhanks for your time

How old are you and did they determine that you had or had not suffered a heart attack?

[quote]Tiribulus wrote:
How old are you and did they determine that you had or had not suffered a heart attack?[/quo

thirty nine tues

They did not determine for sure , but after interviews they went with stress related anxiett shit somethin about sixty five - seventy hours work, and four hours of sleep a night. for three months.