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Everybody from Kingdom T must admit that Bush is becoming greater with each and every passing day! I just saw the Presidential News Conference and I am not afraid to say that I am beyond impressed by the way Bush communicated himself! Sure, sure, everybody used to say that Bush’s specialty was giving speeches, and that his performance during news conferences were okay! Fair enough! But today, tonight, less than half an hour ago, Bush finished his first Presidential News Conference and he did so ‘great’ I could not wipe the smirk off my face! He spoke with reassurance and softness for the most part but he became tough and on topics that deemed such rigidness, such as Suddam Hussein. Even my father commented on how impressed he was with Bush! Is it just me or is he showing to be one of the most improved presidents in history? Think about it: When he became president he was a joke to the rest of the world. Now he is, shall a say, everything except for a joke. Every leader in the world takes him with utmost seriousness. In the days following the attack, Bush exumed signs of uncertainty and many people sensed a lack of confidence from him. When he became tough it appeared that he was just trying to appear tough. I cannot say, as most everyone else cannot say, the same thing about him today.

And as if things couldn’t become better, he ended the conference by speaking with the children of America. He told them that the children of Afghanistan are suffering. He told them that 1 in every 3 Afghan children is an orphan. He told them about the starvation and the torment they have to go through every single day. And, then, he told them to donate one dollar for a fund through the American Red Cross. It is called something like the Children of America for the Children of Afghanistan. Face it, Bush is a genius! For political and humanitarian reasons, that was a very smart move. And he told them that in the end we will win this war on terrorism because of our character. I almost cried. And besides the political and humanitarian benefits of the fund, he is giving the children of our country the chance to feel good about helping out children that live on the other side of the world. In fact, I am donating not one, but $200 dollars! That is way over 30 hours of work for me, and you know what? I feel good! I may even end of donating more! With the $200, I see it as $1 on my part and $1 for the 199 children that may, for whatever reason, end up not donating. If Bush continues to improve the way he has been improving, then I have no doubt in my mind he will be remembered as a great president among the greatest presidents in history.

I have been pro-Bush since he hit the campaign trail almost two years ago. I think the things that people said, negative things that is, about him after the election drama are the things that make him a good leader. He is a simple man, who comes across as a normal American. When he speaks, it comes from the heart and experience. It doesn’t seem like he trys to spin or formulate his answers in an upstart political way, much the way his predecessor did, who always knew when a camera was on him. Bush speaks like a layman because that is what he is, but he is confident and passionate about what he says that it is impressive nonetheless. I am proud that he is our President, and will support him in whatever he chooses or however he chooses to lead our country.

he’s not a great president, nor is he becoming one, but i support him right now and is doing well right now. i wish he would put forth a campaign finance bill that would limit the power of special interest groups and the corporate world…how does this relate to the current situation? well, maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, but after the pan am 103 crash years ago, a committee was set up headed by al gore to improve airline security, among the many suggestions put to forth to make our airtlines safer included a backround checks on security personnel, and new x-ray technology for dectecting bombs and other weapons that could be brought aboard aircraft. well the airlines bitched and moaned about how this would cost too much money… so al gore stone walled, nothing was done despite warnings, and th 96 democratic national committe (check out worldnetdaily.com for more info) “coincidentally” received large contributions from the airlines…

Bush is probably the dumbest President we have ever elected in this nations history. He’s an embarrassment to this country, but I support him because he is our President. He’s made a lot of serious mistakes. Referring to the war against terrorism as a crusade for starters. That’s not a term that should be used if you want support by Muslim nations. I’m just glad that he had good advisors telling him what to do and say. He’s toast without a teleprompter.

Right on TT. Tell me what you send and I will match it in your name. As for the anti-Bush and anti-government crowd, Joda Se Pendejos!

Something about Bush, I just cant take him seriously. He has this look on his face that makes me think he’s always about to start laughing hysterically.

Something about Bush, I just cant take him seriously. He has this look on his face that makes me think he’s always about to start laughing hysterically.

I too was not a Bush supporter but I must say, I am very impressed with what he has done as a leader and I am most pleased that he is our President and doing a great job. I support him all the way. Viva United we stand!!!

I voted for Bush as the lesser of two evils. I do think that, unlike Dan (potatoe)Quayle, GW is smarter than he sounds. He doesn’t articulate verbally very well, but I get the feeling that his brain is working just fine. I do like the way he uses plain language instead of diplo-babble to deal with this situation.

It’s hard to say how good or bad a Prez. he is after such a short time in office. Lots of things the Prez. gets credit or blame for are actually not within his control. Once we get through this bump in the road I guess we’ll see what he can do.

While many of you may think George W. Bush is stupid or not capable let me remind people what makes a great leader or boss for that matter. Its not about intelligence it’s about common sense, the ability to manage, and most importantly the ability to recognize you the right person or persons are for a particular job. Example Bill Clinton is a very intelligent guy. He unfortunatly is not a great leader. He was good but not great and the reason why was because he is known amongst schollars and historically as having the worst cabinet in presidential history. He made more changes to his cabinet than anyone else. Janet Reno for example was one of the worst Attorney Generals ever. Madeline Albright was a very weak Secretary of State. These are just a few examples. While George W. who is not as intelligent as Clinton had what schollars and historians are calling the single best Cabinet in presidential history. Everyone of the people he has put in cabinet positions would make a great president. All of them know their craft and most importantly they all have leadership qualities. Condaleeza Rice(sorry if I spelled her first name wrong) is the best national security advisor ever. She has probably the best understanding of national security than anyone else alive today and the track record to prove it. Powell hands down the best secretary of state already. Rumsfeld an amazing choice for sec. of defense. Andrew Card his chief of staff could take over in a second if he had to and most of all Dick Cheney. Even democrats will tell you this guy is probably the smartest person in all of government in the last 40 years.
I leave you with this. Bill Gates couldn’t fix or install a floppy disk drive on a computer but he runs the most succesful business in history. George Bush can’t do every job in government by himself but he has one of the best administrations already.

Slim, please tell me when and how you got the opinion that Bush is a moron. I’ll grant you that he is not a master of the English language but he has an Ivy League education. I’m serious about the question I posed above. And don’t resort to something the media and entertainers have done to paint that image. I have a pretty good idea where the enterainers have gotten their belief that he is a moron but I’d like to here yours.

i disagree that hands down colin powell is a great secretary of state, while i think he has done an admirable job since september 11, i’m still a little skeptical of his performance to date, remember we had the perfect oppurtunity to take out hussein in 91 and powell voted against a campaign to remove him, he still has something to prove in my opinion, i hope he has learned from mistakes…on another note i am glad bush is president and not al gore, thank god for that!!!

Always nice to see a fellow Bush-lover, Avoids Roids! I have sent out $300 already to the fund, which I believe is actually called the American Fund for Afghan Children. If you send any more than that, Avoids Roids, let me know. I’ll match it!

Way to go TT!!! If you ask the people at T-Mag for my email address, I think that they will give it to you. Let me have your name and I will send the donation in your name. For some reason T-Mag has not let me post my address before. Anyway, that was a great humanitarian jesture on your part and your folks should be very proud. Keep up the good work!

You are too awesome, Avoids Roids. You reflect what America is all about, not because of your support for our president (although that helps!!! JK), but because of your sense of heart, your compassion (a word Bush has been using frequently in the last couple of weeks, and for good reason), your integrity, and your stand against evil. Because of people like you, our outcome is certain, and to quote Bush: “They will hear from us…they won’t like what they hear.”

As far as the donation goes, you can send it in your name, contrary to what my original post said. The fund is open to people of all ages. Bush did speak specifically to the children of American to donate one dollar (this is where I became confused), but the fund is open to everyone. When I first began the thread I assumed it was only for the children of America, but I was wrong! In fact, my older sister (age 18) came to me a few days ago and told me she was going to donate a dollar. As honest as her offer was, and it does come from the heart, and one dollar certainly can go a long way, I couldn’t help but laugh! My sister, the smartest person I know, assumed Bush was asking everyone to donate only a dollar. I told her that the dollar plan was for children because the law bans child labor and therefore they cannot work. She got the point, started laughing, and sent out $50.

Because I never cared to open a bank account (when I get older, perhaps!), I gave the $300 to my dad, who in turn wrote a check. I then sent the check to the White House (this is where the money is supposed to go).

I sent out the money because it was Bush’s idea. No, seriously, I sent out the money first and foremost because of the humanitarian reasons. After all, the Afghan people, like us, are victims of the Taliban (in a matter of time there will no longer be such a thing as the Taliban!). Secondly, it will show the world what America is about and will remind the Islamic Radicals where America is and where they are, as if it isn’t obvious already.

Thank you for being who you are, Avoids Roids.

On the sixteenth of this month, Bush addressed the American Red Cross, who is overseeing the American Fund for Afghan Children. I have the actual transcript from CNN’s website. It is a rush copy (either they have people typing the spoken words as the event is occuring or they have computers do the job) so some words are missing. The part that touched me the most was the girl who fed chickens to raise $45. The girl, who stood next to Bush throughout his address to the American Red Cross, exemplifies the true strength of America. Here is the transcript:

AARON BROWN, CNN ANCHOR: The president is at a Red Cross event across town. And we’ll listen into that. That’s the president of the American Red Cross, Bernadette (sic) Healy, Dr. Healy.


DR. BERNADINE HEALY, PRESIDENT, AMERICAN RED CROSS: … is a historic effort. And I would like to thank our president, a man of compassion, mercy, dignity and understanding, also a man whose strength and leadership has guided America through this terrible crisis, and will so for days and weeks and years to come.

Please join me in, once again, welcoming President Bush to historic Red Cross Square.


GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Thank you all very much. Thank you. Thank you all very much.

Last week, I asked America’s children to send a dollar to the White House to help provide food and medicine to the children of Afghanistan. Today, I’m pleased to report that in just a few short days children all across our country have responded with remarkable generosity and deep compassion.

I want to thank Dr. Healy for doing such a fine job as the president of the American Red Cross. I’m proud to be your chairman.


And I want to thank Kristin (ph). In my speech to the country the other night I said, “Why don’t you go out and mow a lawn or do somebody a favor to earn a dollar?” Never did I think feeding chickens would be…


But she fed so many chickens, she told me, she raised $45 for the children of Afghanistan. Good job.


I want to thank Marti Evans (ph), the national executive director of the Girl Scout of the United States of America for being here. And I want to thank all the Girl Scouts who are here.


I want to thank Robbie Calloway (ph), senior vice president, government relations, of the Boys and Girls Clubs. And I want to thank the Boys and Girls Clubs.


Steve Culbertson (ph), the president of the Youth Service of America. I want to thank Steve for being here.


I want to thank my friend Mike Ferris (ph) for being here. He’s the chairman and general counsel of the Home School and Legal Defense Association.

Mike, on behalf of the home schoolers, thank you for being here.


And I saw a pretty familiar face, Congressman Chris Shays.

Congressman, thank you. I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for coming. I appreciate you…


I appreciate you coming, Chris. I know you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t join all the children around the country for doing what’s right.

Let me tell you, since Friday we’ve had 90,000 pieces of mail, 90,000 have arrived at the White House. Dr. Healy and the American Red Cross, working with the U.S. Agency for International Development, are making sure that every dollar, every single dollar that’s been raised by the boys and girls of America will be spent on the needs of the boys and girls in Afghanistan.

For the people that work hard, either feeding chickens or going door to door or having bake drives, you can rest assured that Dr. Healy is going to make sure the money goes where we want the money to go.

Winter arrives early in Afghanistan. It’s cold, really cold. And the children need warm clothing.

And they need food, and they need medicines. And thanks to the American children, fewer children in Afghanistan will suffer this winter; the children who donated their dollars because they understand a couple of things. They understand how fortunate we all are to live in America. We’re really lucky people to live in this country. They also understand that some people their own age can suffer, and we don’t want them suffering. There’s been some amazing stories. I want to share some of them with you. It’s just the beginning, by the way, of the stories that we’ll all be able to share all across America. A guy works for me named Mitch Daniels from Indianapolis, Indiana. He helped start a place called the Oaks Academy. It’s an inner city school. They’ve got 163 students who go to that little school. He came back from visiting his family the other day with $163. Every child gave $1 in that school.

Jordan Fisher (ph), a sixth grader, at the Oaks Academy, wrote this is a letter. She said, “We feel sorrow for the children that the Taliban has hurt, and we’re willing to do anything we can to help them have food to eat.”

That’s such a beautiful spirit. And it’s so important that our boys and girls of America understand that when you share with somebody else, it not only enriches your life, it enriches the life of our entire nation. Everybody can make a contribution in the war against the evil doers. And by helping a child in Afghanistan is a very important contribution.

Some students right here in Washington were among the first to respond. The student council at Amidon Elementary School in Washington organized their fellow students to donate dollars. They heard the call and there was organization right off the bat. That means people were getting other people to go raise dollars on behalf of the Afghan children.

Students at Crestwood Elementary – and I see some of their representatives right here on the front row – in Springfield, Virginia, donated, and catch this, $2,000 from their annual fund- raiser to the America’s Fund for Afghan Children.

I want to thank you all for coming, and thank you for your generosity.

The other day, Laura, my wife, spoke at Burnie (ph) Elementary School in Washington, and the students there presented her with $172 in donations.

Home school students are sending in dollars. Youth Service of America, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and other youth groups are all raising money.

I see the scouts, who are here. I can’t think – we got to have a merit badge…


… made especially for this occasion to make sure that scouts all across America – boys and girls scouts, cubs and brownies – raise money.

You know, there’s a lot of focus on our soldiers and we’re so proud of our soldiers, but there are other ways to be in the Army and one way is to show the goodness of America. One way to fight evil is to fight it with kindness and love and compassion.

And what an amazing contrast it is for our children to help children in need in Afghanistan. It points up how ugly and repressive the Taliban government is of Afghanistan.

And the message stands in stark contrast to the message of hate that our boys and girls have seen on TV; a message, frankly, that’s hard for a lot of our kids in America to understand. Why would somebody hate so badly that they would fly airplanes to take a life? Why is it that people send ugly things through the mail? And my answer is, there’s evil in the world, but we can overcome evil.

We’re good. We’re good-hearted people. And the boys and girls of America are showing the world just that. We don’t fight a religion. No, we fight evil. We respect the Muslim culture. We know Islam is a religion that teaches love and peace and compassion. No, our struggle is against evil people; evil people that claim they’re religious, but are not.

And I also want the boys and girls to know that while you’re helping, our government is doing everything we can to make America safe.

We’re doing everything we can to find anybody who wants to hurt you, to bring them to justice. We’re doing everything we can to respond to any act that may take place in our country.

I know some boys and girls worry, but by going out to raise money to help others, it’ll help ease the worry, and set such a good example for everybody else to see.

So I want to thank not only the boys and girls here who worked so hard in the D.C. area, but the boys and girls from all across the country, who’ve heard the call to love a neighbor just like you’d liked to be loved yourself.

Thank you very much for coming. May God bless your work, and may God continue to bless America.


BROWN: The president at an event at the American Red Cross with Dr. Bernadine Healy – we apologize for mispronouncing her name – and talking about the fund-raising effort that he called on the country’s kids to participate in: Earn a dollar, save a dollar and send it off to the White House, and it will get into the children of Afghanistan – and the president holding up a number of dollars.

We are mindful of the admonition: Don’t get into these things with kids. They will upstage you every time.

And they are adorable with their dollars and their fresh faces.

T-TEEN: Amen, Bush, Amen.

(Okay, so the last part was added)

Sent my check off today TT. Keep on pluggin’!

You are great, Avoids Roids! Keep representing the warm-hearted (and yet tough) character and compassionate (and yet powerful) soul and spirit of America!