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i am pathetic

Well just last night i received my first blow job. Instead of being happy i am freakin livid. I am still young but i only lasted about 10-15 seconds. I felt so embarrassed. if i had a gun i would have shot myself right there. Please tell me this is something that is natural as a beginner. How do i make it last longer next time? Please save me any flames, i am flaming myself enough as it is.

Use listerine to get the taste out of your mouth.

maybe she is too damn good eh?

It’s a blow job. Its only purpose is to get you off. She was probably grateful it was over before her jaw locked up. It’s not like she was going to get her cookies if you held out longer. Anyway, I wish I could let lose after ten or fifteen seconds. Wait until you have to tell her she just isn’t going to get you there like that tonight so she might as well just mount up.

relax. if your young and it was your first time it isn’t that big of a deal. it IS natural. as far as making it last longer experience is the best thing because you will get used to it, but you’ll love it even more. have fun

Masturbate beforehand. But you know, it really doesn’t matter how quickly you come during a BJ. It isn’t as though you were having sex and ran out of steam. Just make sure you can delay for the Big Game, aight?

You also might want to try some PC excercises. That can help you maintain control.

You lasted a full 14 seconds longer than I did when I got my first BJ. Aerobics and just getting laid more have helped me last longer.

T.C.??? Is that you??? No need to hide behind an anonymous nic, my brother! We got nothin’ but LOVE for 'ya, bro!

So…baby got SKILLS, huh?

First Time? Yup. You where quick. Don’t worry. Just tell her she was the best and you would really like to do it again and again and again.

How old are you?

when was the last time you whacked off before that?

No… Pathetic people have to PAY for blowjobs. You just ejaculated prematurely, hey, dont sweat it. Next time you are about to have sex with someone, jerk off like 10 minutes earlier. You ll last longer, most probably. Shit, last time I got a blowjob was like 3 weeks ago, and it sucked (no pun intended, it really did).

Ha! Be glad you came that quick. Last time I got a blowjob I couldn’t come at all. The bitch was sucking me off and I was thinking about nhl game I saw on tv. Granted she wasn’t my taste, it was a one night stand, picked her up in a club but still… I’d rather be in your situation. Don’t worry, after a while getting a bolwjob will be tedious and will take a skilled or really hot bitch to make you come.

If she’s your girlfriend don’t trip. Just don’t tell her that you don’t want to kiss her after. How many people out their kiss their wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/or whoever after they go down on you

If you’re under 18 it’s pretty normal to ejaculate that quickly. I bet she didn’t mind. Now if you came within 15 seconds while fucking, that she would mind…

Ask her to snowball you.

Dude, don’t worry about it…when it stops getting hard, start worrying. Staying power can be worked on…my first Bj lasted (almost) 5 minutes. P.S. My girlfriend has had 3 seperate “O’s” while giving me head, no external (or internal as the case may be) stimulation on her required, either.Also, yes, I kiss my G/F after she/I/we give head…BTW, I have my “red wings” for those who know what that means…

Don’t worry. The same thing has happened to about all of us. The first time I do something with a woman, I’m usually pretty damn quick. Get a few more under your belt and you’ll be fine. It was all nerves.

ALso have my red wings, although by accident. Don’t want my brown wings. I knew a biker when I was in the service (A sub sailor that was also a member of the Outlaws MC, if you can believe that)that swore that he had his blue wings from when a chick OD’ed at a party. And no, no one is kissing me after giving head. That’s just nasty.

Be glad you don’t have the opposite problem. If a girl has to spend 20 minutes bobbing up-and-down they usually get kinda pissed. I really feel sorry for them sometimes.