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I am NOT a Bodybuilder


Hey everyone.Im a new member, and im glad to be on board and post on this awesome site.as the subject states,i am not a bodybuilder, and never plan to be. I play basketball therefore i workout like an athlete,with 2,3 or 4 full body or split workouts a week,but ive only been working out for maybe 12 weeks now, as Im 20 years old and got by with natural ability on the court. Im australian,so hopefully there is some other aussies on here i can relate to.i am very knowledgable in terms of vertical jump,or improving athletic performance as i have played at very high levels of bball,although i havent been working out for that long.anyway im here to help and be helped,as im a relative beginner so i dont have much experience on weight training.Some stats are as follows -

weight:73kg (162lbs) - ive got an athletic slim body,so im looking to add to it a bit
bball: been playing since 11
vertical jump:31 inches standing, much higher fro a running start as i am quite fast

No measurements as im not really into that,but i might just so some people can help me get bigger.
Anyway,glad to be on board!


Please take a seat, Vroom will be around shortly to hand you the Beginner's Pack.

You may also be visited by the Professor, who will tell you to go eat for a few weeks before bothering him.

There are plenty of ozzies around here, so you won't be alone.




Now that was funny.


Greetings and salutations.

I'm not sure what your point is here...Are you wanting to get "big"? Are you asking a question in there? I can't tell...


See? Here's another one.

Do a search for total body workouts or whole body workouts and read. Search for Chad Waterbury and John Berardi and Lonnie Lowrey and read. Then go do what they tell you to. Put on 60 more pounds and get back to us.


I'll second that!


Thanx....i think. Im currently on a full body workout at the moment,not much of a program but,it the Abs Diet..heard of it? im using it more to help out my core area more so than to get bigger or stronger.Yeah, i am lookn to get a bit bigger,maybe gain 10-15lbs and eventually top out at 185-190 or 85-87kg.Im always gonna have a long lean body so gaining anymore over that 190 mark might make me a little big for my frame...

Anyway,im not asking for too much help,more so i joined up so i can help others who are more focused on athletic performance on the sporting field than bodybuilding,but if anyone does have some constructice help for me,im listening....in response,i have printed out a lot of programs from this site, including Waterbury's and others,and i will start these eventually, but right now im an avid mens health reader and have been just doing some workouts from the mag


Oh dear, oh dear. Matts, we might seem like a bunch of sarcastic bastards to you, and indeed many of us are. But maybe because T-Nation hasn't quite corroded my soul completely I will warn you of one thing, that you may run away and hide from the scathing comments that I see coming your way.

Yes, you mentioned that magazine. What's wrong with it? You may ask. Well...nothing in particular, and yet...

This site is not just for bodybuilders, in fact, I would say the majority of people here are not bodybuilders. But we all share one thing: we want to be stronger.

Those people whose articles you printed out will help you achieve that. They don't write for the average bloke who wants to lose a bit of his beer belly, they write for people that want to be the best they can be. This is something the average men's magazine doesn't (and cannot) cater for. Learn about increasing your power and strength, and follow those workouts. Dozens of people on this site will attest to their effectiveness.

And about diet: At your height and weight, the last thing you need is "a diet." If you want to gain muscle, you will need to eat, a lot, a then probably a bit more (because I would guess you have a fast metabolism). John Berardi should be your guide throughout your culinary journey. Check out the Massive Eating Reloaded articles:

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part I

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part II

You'll also find many useful articles in Vroom's beginners (newcomers) thread here:


You have all the info you need to get big, so on you go!

And as soon as my knee starts working properly again and I can play basketball, I'll ask you some questions about it.


Thanks champ...hope your knee recovers asap.How'd you hurt it? I like The Art of Waterbury program- might do the first one, then his latest instalment, but try not to knock the mens health workouts...some of them arent that bad, but yeah,none of them are gonna give me the gains that programs on this site are.I think my biggest problem is I don't supplement,but I don't really want to either.I take a very good multi vit everyday, and just started having the one shake a day, but I might change this up after reading those posts and threads you told me about..thanks for that.I definately need to eat more,cos your right my metabolism flys.Thanks for the constructive advice,maybe I can help you improve your game when your knee improves.Cheers


That's not a problem at all. Don't worry about it.


Matt, be careful with the Art of Waterbury. It's pretty intense, and you need a pretty good work capacity. It also might be too much for someone who's regularly plays basketball. Not saying you can't to it. But you might be better off with TTT or TBT. You should ask Waterbury what he thinks next time he's on for Prime Time.


Yeah, don't worry about it. You really don't need to supplement beyond good PWO nutrition with something like Surge. It's something you may want to look into later, but get your nutrition and training in line first.


I imagine your biggest problem is insufficient caloric intake. It isn't supplementation that's holding you back.


Yeah, i thought someone would say that,however i dont play representative bball anymore, so really im playing bball on a wed and sunday,thats it.Havent heard of the TTT and TBT programs, i might have printed them off but cant remember them...Ill have a look later.

Thanks for your comments but. I also like that one lift a day program, you know, just to build a bit of strength.If you read my first msg,I dont have much equipment-a barbell,dumbells and a fit ball.

My core is pretty strong as i have been doing a lot of exercises,such as flat presses and military presses,but i have no room for a bench,just in case anyone tells me to get one.

So i have no problem going a little heavy with the fit ball since my body is accustomed to it.I use two chairs to do dips and pullups/chin ups, i but them about a metre apart and use the top of the back rest to pull myself up, and change to undergrip to do chin ups,even though they are probably more like reverse pushups,but they still do the trick.


IMO, the best way to add mass is to K.I.S.S. Stick to a few humongous compound movements like squat, deadlift, dips, chins, and any olympic lifts are great at upping your strength to use heavier weight, etc. You get the idea. Combine this with eating more than what your maintenance is (eating good clean foods, although you can throw junk food in there some days just for a "cheat" day and to get some extra cals).

Combined with frequency, heavy weight, and gradually progressing, you can probably pack some on. Since you're playing basketball though.. I'd also reccommend taking a glance at Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards pt.II and use it as a general template. That's my opinion though. Other things may work better for you. Don't give up though.



Sure. TTT and TBT are other full-body programs of Waterbury's. Give the Art of Waterbury a go. Why not. Just pay careful attention to how you're feeling and progress. If you feel like you're overtraining, consider TTT or TBT.


Thanks man...will do.


I dont want to sound like a dick, but from your stats you don't seem to have an "athletic slim body". It should read borderline anorexic.

I'm 5'7, 160-165 and I am considered skinny by many. You are half a foot taller, and weigh the same. Your goal of 180 seems much like mine don't sell yourself 'short' break 200.

The extra weight will help your 'game' on and off the court.

Eat more. Drop the Men's Health. Welcome aboard.