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I Am Naughty

Okay, here’s the deal. Everyone that trains at my university is interested in Biotest stuff 'cause a few of us have been using it with success. Not many have credit cards or check cards. So I tell them I’ll order the stuff for them on my card and they can pay me the cash. I DON’T tell them about the ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ deal. So, I order all this stuff as a ‘favor’ for them, pass it all out to them when it arrives and KEEP the freebies! T-shirt, poster, free supplements! Am I going to hell? :wink:


I say buyer beware!

I apologize for the screwed up reply but it got sent when I was fixing the mispelling. I was saying that it was just a good idea to get the freebies because youre being nice enough to use your card for them. If you go straight to hell, you be big as shit when you get there.

And I thought I only had to look out for the supplement companies! You’d better hope none of them check out the biotest sight.

There’s a special place in hell for people like you. In it Satan has stripped off all muscle mass from their frames and they are forced for eternity to walk a beach perpetually inhabited by nothing but babes in thong bikinis. The babes giggle constantly about your chicken legs everytime you walk by, and you can’t do anything about it because any one of them has the ability to kick your skinny ass. By the way, promoters of phony transformation contests and their cronies are regulars in this section. So are people still hawking boron.

You might be going to hell, but that is another thread all together. I do the same thing because my friends don’t feel comfortable ordering the stuff themselves (I don’t know why, a 2 year-old could order the stuff). Anyway, I just add shipping into their stuff and they end up paying a dollar or 2 extra over the discounted price (the buy 2 get 1 free price average over 3 items). I save a couple dollars as do they. See, I still maintain my nice guy rep, my friends benefit from the product, and I have done my part to better mankind. It’s that easy.

Well, I do pick up all the shipping costs, so maybeGod will have mercy on me at the pearly gates.

I just got in a shipment today. I knew two guys that wanted to try Androsol so I ordered them each one bottle. I kept the free bottle of course. BWAA HA HA HA HA! (evil laughter)

Yeah, you just passed AC/Dc on the Highway to Hell! You had better take advantage of the free stuff and get big while you can though, cause when they find out, their gonna down a bucket power drive and kick your ass. Maybe you shouldn’t get the power drive for them.

Hey bro, don’t feel guilty, just think of it as a “finders fee”. It’s not your fault that they aren’t responsible enough to have good credit. Membership does have it’s priveledges.