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I Am My Father's Son


I am my Father's son.

From you I inherited many things:

A sharp wit
And a sharper tongue

A desire to know more. . . about anything
And the desire to tell everyone who will stand still long enough all about it

A slow fuse
And a very hot temper when finally it is lit

The ability to be good at anything I choose to be good at
And the drive to choose everything I can think of

In this and more I am my father's son.

From you I learned many things:

The role of a man is to be strong
And to use that strength to help those who cannot help themselves

Learning is an end unto itself
And a great joy

I cannot win every fight
But I can make damn sure they other guy doesn't think he won either

That wrenches make for bad push-sticks
But they make for great stories , and sometimes that's more important

In this and more I am my father's son and proud to be so!

Happy Father's Day Dad. I love you.


your dad's on T-Nation? whats his user name?


Pushharder, obviously....he probably fathered half of us....


I desperately wish I could say it was true...




That's a nice tribute to your dad Stu, and it makes me reflect on all the things I've learned from my own.

Thanks for sharing.


I have his recessive earlobes. So there's that.


Very nice Stu.

From my daddy green eyes broad shoulders great hair loyal to the death and knowing everything will always be ok.


Loyal to the death? Sounds what some cultists would say...

I wish I had my father's approach to problems. Totally relaxed, 100% sure that there's a solution for everything.


What? You no drink the Kool Aid? Shun the unbeliever. Shuuuuuuunnnnnn.


I am my son's father.


If you think about it, some of us may realize how similar we are to our fathers in our ways. It's actually quite funny, in my case.


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I'm part of the Cult of the Horse. It's not the length of the face nor of the mane that counts...


Stu this is great, did you pen this?


I'm pretty sure he just typed in on his keyboard. Who the hell uses a pen anymore. Sheesh!



Yeah, I was too cheap to buy a card so I figured I'd take 20 min and write something instead.

The dwarf is right though, keyboards are the wave of the future.


Don't know the biological, but my aunt nicknamed him 'Shithead'...so there's that.


I used part of it as my Facebook status all day yesterday, lol.

I guess the keyboard is mightier than the Sword but I sitll wouldn't want to get in an arena with a Gladiator armed with only a keyboaqd....