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I Am Legend?

Patricia, I read this short story a few years ago and heard something about it being made into a movie, possibly starring “AH-NOLD”. Have you heard anything about this?

Patricia, you out there??

Ah, the short story which “Omega Man” (starring Charleton Heston) was based on. And I’ve always like “Omega Man”.

This would be a perfect vehicle for Awnold. And one of the producers is Ridley Scott. IF it ever gets out of development hell. Since about '97, several directors have "committed" (including Scott), only to drop out shortly after. The latest director is Michael Bay. And I have to say "NOOOOOOO" to that one. Yikes. And several drafts of the script has been penned.

However, Awnold was no longer set to star but to produce. Bay is still set as director. The new star? Will Smith. Oh yeah. Oh, at one time, Tom Cruise was set to star. I don't know how badly the studio wants this one made. By the looks of it, it'll be in development hell for quite awhile.

Pretty much what Patricia already said, but I’ll add a few things. IAL may very well be Bay’s next project after Bad Boys 2 and I personally think he is perfect for the job. He can churn out quite a flick when given the right material and his visual style is unparalleled, which would be perfect for the Matheson adaption. As far as scripts, you can find a couple here http://www.joblo.com/moviescripts9.htm. The Postevitch (sp?) draft is horrible IMHO, he’s the guy that wrote The Cell, there’s a brand new one that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet that is supposed to be far superior. All in all I think the wheels are turning on this project more than they’re letting on, I’ve been following it for quite some time being a huge Bay fan and am optimistic it’ll be made in the near future.

Thanks guys! Good to know. I have to tell you that this story has cult status with me and many I know. Matheson did a hell of a job. Anyway, we’ll be looking out for it!

(I was quite sick all last week, which is why I replied to this thread so late…).

Okay, so I'm still up (playing catch up with art). And I see Fragile's post and I am compelled to post this: Will Smith is currently shooting "I, Robot". This will be Alex Proyas' (director, "The Crow", "Dark City") take on a Agatha Christy type of mystery, but with a "sci fi flavor". It's set to be released, Summer 2004. As for "I Am Legend" being made in the near future? I wouldn't bet on it. I consider Will Smith to be the wrong person for the lead. It should be someone who is worn, weary. Like Kurt Russell (and he was considered at one time). And the first pick for director, Rob Bowman, would have been good, too. Of course, IMO.