I am Jack's UNBAREABLE Flatulance...

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but Massive Eating has got me massive gasing too. And it’s not just qaulity but qauntity too. My G*D! I’m not exactly sure what to do about it. Do you have (had) the same problem? I mean, forget doin ab crunches in the gym anymore, everyone would be gagging!

Seriously, this is not cool. Im not touching any egg yolks, and im downing minimal brocolli.

Ha Ha, you’re experiencing exactly the same as me. I’ve been on holiday for a month where i would mainly eat a large meal at night but little if anything before so getting back into eating regularly has caused a massive increase in wind and the other activity associated with that hole!!

Don’t worry about it, mine is starting to subside as my body gets used to the volume ad frequency of food and i’m sure yours will too.

In the mean time enjoy it and try and produce as many novel sounds as possible!!

Man, you don`t know what a quality fart is until you have had the rather not-to-wish-for experience of combining egg-based protein powder with pineapple juice. Nothing else. Try it. Just be sure to be alone for 12 hours. You have been warned!

Moral of the story: Cheaper protein ALWAYS has its price.

Farts rule!!!