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I am Jack's flaxseeds...


Can anyone offer the 101 on how they extract their oil from their flaxseeds?
Pestel and mortor?then what...(yes I r ignoramus)
Got a 1.5 pound bag of organic falxseeds. how long you reckon these'll last if i want to take 2tblspoons of flax a day?


The oil is "extracted" when you grind the flax seeds up. Most people use coffee grinders to do that.


you won't be able to press the oil from those seeds. If you want to use Flax oil......buy Flax oil.

The seeds can be ground in a coffee grinder to make flax meal. 1/4 cup of seeds yields 1/2 cup meal. Pour boiling water over and stir until you get oatmeal consistency. sprinkle with sweetner, cinnamon/sf maple syrup.
Very nutritious breakfast.

keep your seeds in freezer for long term storage.

PS: all that fiber takes about 24 hours to work it's magic......then you will be clean as a whistle!!


i second or third or whatever the coffee grinder...


By the way i dig the fight club reference


Pestel and morter no go?