I am Jack's bland Oatmeal...

Sure this should go in a ‘recipe’ forum, but just thought id invite any ideas as how to sweeten / flavour-up my oatmeal. do u guys just eat it plain?

Sugar free syrup (with Splenda).

2 servings oatmeal (heated up)

stir in one serving of frozen blueberries / other fruit (which unfreezes berries and cools down oatmeal)

1 serving cottage cheese

1 serving vanilla-flavored whey powder

Stir together

= a good P+C breakfast with 7g fat, 65g carbs, 46g protein, 507kcal, and a great way to disguise the nasty flavor of cottage cheese.

I’d love to hear more recipes.


there are MANY ways to tweak your oatmeal.

Add protein powder is the best I think, especially Grow if you can afford it. Its like chocolate flavored oatmeal, and it is scrumptious.

You can also add Fiber One cereal along with some low carb maple syrup.

Or just add some berries.

Try splenda and some cinnamon.

check this out:


I use either sugar free syrupfound a great one w/ only 1 carb per 1/4 cup, but its quite runny… I can deal though

or, brown sugar twin… I usually hate the taste of anything that isnt splenda… but this stuff isnt that bad & you can use it for cooking… wee?

I also add afew tablespoons of cream some days, or mix 1/2 the oatmeals w/ 1/2cup milk instead of water. I guess though if you’re avoiding about C+F meals this would be a not so good idea.


Kong is right on target. JB’s article has about 14 recipies.Also, put 1/2 cup Quaker 1 minute Oats in a blender with 2 scoops protein powder(44 grams) and a dash of cinnamon. This gives you approx. 28 grams of complex carbs with your protein.

i like to throw in cinnamon,nutmeg,splenda and a splash of sugar free syrup,protein powder somtimes i will throw a handful of fiber one in also…

We’re talking real oatmeal here, right? Almost every morning for the last…10 years I’ve eaten a big pot of it.

Here is my tip: throw fruit in the water before you boil it. As the water heats up, the fruit flavor gets all through the water and gives much better flavor and sweetness IMHO. I have used every conceivable fruit at one point or another, but my favorites are blueberries, bananas, and raisins.

If I’m really hungry, I’ll throw a yogurt into it in addition to the milk, or maybe even a couple.

yeah i hope we are talking about "real"oatmeal here,i hope there are not T-maggers who eat that heavily processed,sugary shit they throw in little pouches…

Oatmeal + Vanilla Low Carb Grow! = YUM!

Tony! 1 minute oats, you big girls blouse!
get the real shit!

I was just thinking about this topic tonight. I’ll definitely be picking up some sugar-free syrup my next time at the supermarket. I guess when you never have a need for syrup you never stop to think that there’s probably a sugar free version available.

Sweeeet. thnks.

Whetu said:
“Tony! 1 minute oats, you big girls blouse! get the real shit!”

Quaker 1min oats is 100% natural rolled oats? Its not the flavoured mini packet oats product. What seems to be the problem with this product Whetu? or are u kiddin around?..

mmmm NEXT on the targetlist to make more appitizing… ODO’s choice oil blend… man that stuff sucks to eat!!

Try a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa and sweeten with Splenda. Yum!

1 Serving Oats (dry or cooked)
2 Servings Cottage Cheese
1 Serving Fat Free No Sugar Added Vanilla Yogurt
2 Servings Canned 100% Pumpkin
Sprinkle cinnamon, giner, nutmeg.

My first meal of the day today:

Blueberry oatmeal (the recipe I listed above)

My second meal:

Pineapple oatmeal

My third meal:

Mango oatmeal

Life is fucking sweet!