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I am Jack's Bland Carrots

What does everyone put on carrots to make them taste better? I can eat ~a cup of them ok, but after that the sweetness is sickening.

PWO? Otherwise, nothing. i wouldnt eat em cos of the high GI’s.

Soy Sauce has alot of salt do chop em up and fry em in a drop of that. Defs wont be sweet.

grate them and put them in your tomato sauce. They are excellent in spaghetti. Whole wheat noodles, of course.

i love grated carrots in salads

make coleslaw with grated carrot, cabbage, onion and mayo

or grate a carrot, finely chop tomato, fresh coriander leaves, chopped cucumber, finely chopped onion. Season with vinegar and some sea salt and some chopped green chillis :slight_smile: