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I am in my own personal hell...

I’ve been waiting for this day for months. I have my MSF RiderCourse to get my motorcycle license today, tomarrow and Sunday. I’m all ready last night.

Fast forward to this morning: 100.7F fever, vomiting and a persistent sore throat that has lasted over a month. I would not go but the course was $350, and is booked all the way until October. I have to go.

Anyone know any good quick remedies that can help with a stomach ache? It’s most likely viral, ie not from some bad food.

Sigh, pray for me.

Why do you need a cycle license?

I rode for 9 years and got one ticket for $60. If I hadn’t totalled my bike, I’d still be riding. I don’t need no stinking motorcycle license.

As for the stomach problems, just take a bowl with you. Suck it up. (grin)

Eat some wheat toast and take an Emergen’C.

If you can stomach it, A couple of boiled eggs will do you some good too. The Emergen’C will take the edge off… You might want to take some acetaminophen to lower your fever.


Green tea, some melba toast and some buffered Aspirin or Tylenol.

Pepto, ginger ale (or better yet real ginger, This will help with your stomach and vomiting) tons of vitamin c…like 10,000mgs a day…take nyquil before bed…this should help greatly…good luck and i hope you feel better…i know how it is to take that class…i took mine last summer…they are booked for months so if you miss the class you are screwed! there is one thing you can do if you do end up missing the class…keep calling to see if there are any cancellations and even show up to the class even though you are not signed up for it…some people forget their paperwork or something happens where they can’t take the class and if you’re there you take their place…thats the only thing i can tell you…

A can of RedBull.

I’ve been doing Saltines and water with a bit of sucess. I’ll try some of those if it continues much longer.

As far as getting a license, the main reason I’m taking the course is to learn good habits. I’ve never been on a bike so some instruction on what to do and what not to would be helpful. I’d rather learn the right way than have to break bad habits later.

jackzepplin : Hahaha I ride outlaw too!!I have been riding for 4 years with no cycle licence either!!

smoke a joint or maybe a bong hit. Does wonders for nausea. Not sure if I’d do it before riding though

The RiderCourse is a lot of fun. Hopefully you can make it. I took the course at Yonkers raceway about 3 years ago, and had a blast. Of course then I got hit by a truck and broke my femur.


I was just thinking the same thing!

Lil’ hit from the bong does wonders for stomach problems, fever, muscle pain, you name it…

although, doing anything else for the rest of the day may not be recommended

(Note: I haven’t touched the stuff for over five years, and I’ve been sick to my stomach ever since.)

I have always found that Pepermint settles the stomach. Real pepermint, not the imitation. Give it a try.

People always think I am kidding, but burn the shit out of some toast. I mean… so you are eating a layer of charcoal. It is soothing and is one of the most likely things to not upset a finicky stomach.

No butter, no nothing… just burnt toast.

Nothing to add that has been allready suggested. Just good luck and soory about your illness.


Well I made it. Doing much better, got some ginger ale and took some vitamin C. Should be good to go for tomarrow’s session.

Do you live in Seattle? I’m going to an MSF course at South Seattle Community College tomorrow and Sunday as well.

great to hear!!!