I Am Hungry!

throughout the weekdays i find myself sitting in my cube, looking for any and everything to eat. my diet/eating plan is as follows (listing all my options for food of particular time)

830: oatmeal, eggs, banana, apple, EFAs
1030: protein shake, yogurt, cottage cheese
1230: turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna wraps, salad, an egg
230: chicken, salomn, tuna carrots, celery, banana, cottage cheese, yogurt
430-530: protein shake, carbs: wheat, oragnic noodles,
730: post workout shake
900: steak, chicken, salmon turkey, vegtables: broc, green beans, caul, peas, carrots,
1100 bedtime

also throuout the day i drink roughly a gallon of water.
now with this meal plan i still find myself wanting to eat something between meals. i tried chewing gum, my nails, even a fat burner to try and curve my appetite, nothing works.
now on the weekends i try to stick to this plan, but i dont really eat all the meals, due to various activities (garage, yard, errands, etc…) and im hardly ever hungry between meals. i dont feel the slighest bit hungry at all. at work im still very busy, but im sitting down most of the time, looking at the fridge i have tucked under my cube eager for the moment i can open it up and start feasting again. i guess my questions are, is my brain making me think im hungry cause im sitting down and i have food in sight? crazy thought but does it have anything to do with sitting down?
also do you have any suggestions on what i can do to try and curve my appetite? or should i just eat all day?
my build is roughly
5’11" (i wont give myself the inch)
175-180 with a medium/athletic build
ideally i would like to put on about 10-15lbs.

thanks for the info


It seems like you are taking in a bunch of carbs at each & every meal. Now I am definitely not against carbs however I take them in earlier and surrounding my workout. The rest of my meals are protein & fat. Looking at your meals I did not see that many meals consisting of some good fats. Protein & fat will keep you satiated much longer than carbs will. Try adding in some almonds in the latter meals & olive oil.Hope this helps.

Go through the archives and read everything John Berardi, Lonnie Lowrey, and Dave Barr have written. And eat.