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I am having some badd side effects from my gear after only a few days. If I stopped now do I need a PCT?


GP Testenanth 250
Anadrol 50 mg tabs (1/2 tab per day)

I know this is not much, but for my first cycle I wanted to air on the side of caution. This is what I am on so far. I am only five days in, but I have had the worst headaches of my life. I am also feeling very nauseated and some abdominal pain (tender to the touch). I have only done one injection and taken the pills everyday. I am a bit of a hypochondriac so maybe I am just psyching myself out other than the headaches of course. The question is if I stopped everything now, do I need to run my Nolva?


wow, I can see advice was not heeded
no you do not need your nolva


What do you mean advice was not heeded?


Eat and drink more, only advice I can give.


Headaches are commmon with the anadrol, even though I have never used it people I know who have, have had problems with headaches. If you want to continue the cycle then you can drop the anadrol and maybe add dianabol or just do test by itself.
If not, you dont need PCT after 1 jab I dont think.


Drop the anadrol.

Shouldnt have used it in a first cycle anyway.

If you want to stop everything, you dont dont need a PCT.


Why is Anadrol bad for a first cycle? I have looked at a lot of older threads on this subject, and found where some people do not recommend Anadrol for a first cycle. However, they never disclosed the reason why.


Well Anadrol is the strongest oral, and for a first cycle Test E at a 400/500mg a week is more than enough to see good gains, if you wanna go crazy you can add Dianabol as a kicker or even better from week 4 (when the test would "kick" in), atleast that's what I would do if I could do my first cycle again.