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I am Grateful

Everything I am physique wise can be attributed to this site. The techniques, the diet, ALL of it. I spend my Sunday’s reading the newest articles, then applying some of them into my program. The most recent GEM I incorporated is the use of a prowler, mine isn’t a fancy one, feet aren’t replaceable even. I drag it from my house to the cement path under our above ground train, sprinting/pushing with 2 plates so far, almost time for another :slight_smile: I can do full wide grip pull ups ( ultimate fitness in my opinion ), because this site made me feel as though it was possible, even if most of the articles are male based, same rules apply.

So thank you T-Nation for all the information !

Hi Bonnie, that sounds great! I agree, I also learn so much from this site. Better than a book too since it is dynamic. wtg on the pullups. I have always wanted to do pullups after seeing Linda Hamilton do them in “The Terminator”. good luck :slight_smile: