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I am Fasting

Hey Everyone,

I will be fasting for a month during the month of ramadan and no doubt i will lose some of my mass.

Is there any way i can minimize this as much as possible. I have started taking time release protein to help but are there any other ways.


ramadan mubarak
I’m fasting too
i’m just gonna bump up on the old glutamine lol

Fasting… what nonsense… some Rabbi once told me that abstaining from food and drink for 25 hours on Yom Kippur was to help take jewish minds off earthly concerns…

I don’t know, ya know? I mean, I’m spiritual… I ain’t prexzactly religious in any organized sort of way, basically I think church is borish and a waste of time, but like my body is my temple and me getting huge and buff and strong and all that simple spiritual shite is like me praising some god or something, so like how… no, I mean why on earth would I starve my temple or whatever… that’s like killing baby jesus or something or having sex with the virgin mary… it’s just not good, dig?

Yeah, yeah, I’m going to hell. Save your preching for another day. This is about food and fasting. I may be cynical, I may be a real doubting thomas… hell, call me crazy, call me a pervert… BUT if there’s one thing in this friggin’ world that I’m gonna do, it’s get friggin’ huge and muscular and strong and all that stuff… praise jesus or that sacred cow you worship… whatever… just cut your prayer short and pass the steak…

The Day of Atonement is at hand, and I don’t plan on atoning for anything. Normally, religious folk go around like they’re in a Twelve Step Program, asking for forgiveness for whatever they did wrong…

Bullshit. Not this one. Not even if you back me into a corner with pitchforks and torches. If I pissed you off, it’s because you fucked up, not me. Deal with it. I’m the curb, you’re the wheel… turn or blow out on my concrete.

Note: If you’re offended, don’t be. Your taking offense to anything this Brock can say is purely you redirecting anger at your significant other for not putting out last night. Leave me out of your marital problems… and if you’re single, don’t blame me if Mr. happy won’t come out to play with Fisty McWank-Wank…

When God gets rid of all the fucking idiots and incompetents in the world that drive people like me to such extreme and sometimes sinful means to make up the difference for, maybe I’ll think of atoning. Until then, he knows what the score is, and he can sit on his lazy holy ass for all eternity without an apology from me. What purpose does starving my divine muscles do for anyone… let alone god… like fasting is like punishment for wanking, and I’m already feeling weak and blind because of it… why should I also feel hungry?

That’s right, Lord. Talk to the hairy hand because the candle ain’t lighting. Do your duty, and I’ll think about doing mine… what about that time I prayed for some strange? Yeah, that’s what I thought… see whatever I did, I did because I had to do because you didn’t do jack squat… exsqueeze me… hack squat. All powerful, all knowing, and all loving and yet you sit up there like a bump on a log since you said “Let there be light” and “Here’s ten rules, now go cut off the tips of your cocks.”

You know, I think he may have something there. Where’s the apology for Auschwitz Lord? A mea culpa for the Inquisition? A brief acknowledgement that the Rhineland massacres during the Crusades might have been handled in a more culturally sensitive manner? Let alone the endless nights of blue balls you ingrateful son-of-a-bitchin deity…

I’m with Woody Allen on this one. All I need is for God to sive me some sign of His existence… for example, by making a large deposit in a Swiss bank account in my name… I don’t care if it’s nazi gold or not… just fill er up…

Pay me no attention, I’m just gruply from having had nothing to eat or drink all day thanks to rules laid down during the Bronze Age and subsequently codified by sages universally acclaimed as the wisest men of the Classical world by their fellow Jesus freaks, who constituted 0.6% of the population… now where’s my gym card? Can’t… think… straight…

Now that was the biggest wasted amount of cyber space I have seen in a long time. I feel much dumber for having read it.

Don’t you eat eat night during Ramadan? Or is that being less strict about it?

It’s always good to know that people actually read what I write, colin. I’m sorry you feel dumber for having read it, but I assume you’d feel dumber no matter what you read, either that or you just felt it necessary to respond to something so stupid with a post of your own all about my post. It’s like I have my own fan club of one now. The Colins shall be its name. Like the Mickey Mouse club except without the big-knockered teens. Gotta love losers who feel its necessary to write about how stupid something was instead of actually taking an initiative and writing something worthwhile on their own. Yay for mediocrity and yay for colin!

Though I am also non-religious I don’t feel the need to justify my disbelief to the world…so I’ll just skip all the crap mentioned above. The line between disbelief and idiocy is obviously a fine one.

As for my understanding of the holiday, you are unable to eat during daylight hours. Something like 5AM to 5PM. Is that correct? If so, here is what a guy I know is doing.

-Wake up early and pound back a low GI carb and high protein meal
-5PM eat lean meat, rice, and veggies
-7PM repeat 5PM meal idea
-9PM Train
-10PM Post-workout shake
-Midnight slow digesting protein

Brock, we’re not concerned about wether you go to hell.

We’re concerned about all the ganja you’re smoking.

Write like a smart human being, not like a mentally challenged individual on the powder, ok?

Powder? What powder? Pixy stix? Fun Dipz? Protein powder? Guilty, guilty and guilty. I guess I can’t help but write like a person on drugs since I take anabolic steroids. You know, it shrinks my balls and makes me go bald and grow bitch tits and all that ludicrous stuff. My writing style must be as a result of “roid rage”, eh? I mainly love how you speak for everyone. You are one and all. Kinda like God, but I ain’t fasting for you. I only fast for gods that I have faith in their existence even though no empiricl evidence proves their existence. I only starve myself for a month for a god that isn’t just a popular fairy tale propagated by money-hungry organized religious leaders that prey upon the shallow, empty-headed masses for the lemmings they are to believe in such drivel. On a side note, I also only give up pornography during lent because I instead masturbate to the bible… it’s got the greatest, dirty stories… brothers killing brothers, husbands commanded to beat wives, god committing genocide and homicide and people lusting after each others wives and jesus hanging out with prostitutes and necrophilia and it never ceases to entertain me in that regard… and yeah, I won’t lie to you… I only smoke ‘the weed’ for my glaucoma or something… for serious even…

Brock, thanks for the religious opinions, but try to focus on the question. Try to dissuade the Muslim population another time…

I think Kinetix has it right, I would suggest a similar protocol.

I always lost 5-8 lbs during Ramadan. Not hard to get it back though.

Are you allowed to have water during the fast period? What are the rules of the fast? Can you get away with popping a few BCAAs here and there? Technically it’s not food.


Ill have to agree with brock on this one. you got two fans now buddy! p.s. my parents brought me up as jehovahs witnesess so i know a little about nutballs.

if you can find some methoxy got for it. Its great in the upper doses. Also GO for some serious Long lasting FOODS hehe…Like some Protein that last like 4-6 hrs. Have that right before the fast begins. Drink plenty of water if you can. LOad on creatine. Its been shown to help retain muscle while Hypocaloric. GLutamine can keep your glycogen stores up, but there is no getting around the inevitible. But hey to me you can lose weight twice as fast as you put it on so every lb counts hehe. You might even want to look into using 4-ad-ec for a month and keep trainging although on the very light side maybe some power/explosive workouts that dont take as much energy. But a Waterbury or CT program is not recommended hehe. Or you can just sleep all day and be awake at night and eat at night right??? haha. TRy to tweak your sleep cycle so you can eat more and sleep less during the time you can eat haha. Hope something i said helped

Good luck with your dedication.

Thanks for making us think…

You have admire discipline, and dedication, whatever it’s form, eh?


I think Brock is Dennis leary.

For once in his life, Diesel speaks for me as well. Brock, the absolute least you could do would be to run a spell check on your screed before you post it.


To answer the question, I would second the methoxy suggestion. Also, there’s no such thing as “time-released protein”. Next time, save your money. :wink:

If I remember correctly, you can eat after sundown, right? In that case I’d make it a very high priority to time my workouts so that I could eat immediately afterwards (if not both before AND after). That way, what food you are getting goes more towards maintaining LBM than just general metabolic maintenance.

I also recommend that you read Joel Marion’s CD/EDT thread, which should come up with a search.

Good luck.

Gotta love losers who feel its necessary to write about how stupid something was instead of actually taking an initiative and writing something worthwhile

I can’t tell when you’re serious or full of crap. You sound a little bitter. God not give you everything you wanted? Poor guy.


Thanks for the feedback guys,

This is what i am doing at the moment,
5am wholemeal bread with 3 egg &
5pm usually a mass shake or some pasta with tuna
7pm Train
8pm Post Workout shake
9pm Protein shake
11pm Preotein shake

Is this alright??