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I Am Determined


School started and my lifting has seemed to become less of a priority unfortunatley. I'm not creating this thread to ask a question, but instead make a statement. Making it public is just more of a way to legitimize it for myself. Here it goes.

I solemnly swear that I will never miss a workout unless I fall ill, or have family matters to attend to, otherwise when I'm scheduled to lift I will not skip out to go partying with my friends till the wee hours of the morning.

I will still party but instead do it on my time not theirs. I will strive to increase my performance whether by adding extra weight to the bar or doing more reps. I will one day fulfill my genetic potential, and dream of competing in the Olympia. If anyone else wants to add their propositions to the sport feel free.


nice. There aren't many people out in the world who are willing to sacrifice to achieve their goals. It's probably a bad thing, but lifting weights is my most important priority. School, my social life, and my family all take a back seat to lifting. I'm slowly realizing that I have to adapt my priorities to be successful. Lifting will always be number 1 though.


Good thread.

I look at weight training the same as I look at my martial art/combative training. It isn't a hobby. Since I've been in uniform now for 22 years between the Military, E.P. duty and the S.O., my going home to my family depends on me being tougher, stronger, faster and better skilled than anyone I may face. It is a mind set that keeps me alive and allows me to go home each day.

So when I workout, fear..pain..laziness..tiredness or a lax attitude isn't an option. In jails and prisons many inmates do hundreds of push ups/squats/crunches/bar pull ups/water bag lifts a day. They don't suppliment. They don't periodize. They don't drop set. They just train.

If I want to survive, I've got to have the same work ethic, same mind set, same determination. And since I do suppliment etc I've got a slight advantage that I'm not going to give up.

Simply put...Warriors train like warriors. Anything less and its just a hobby like underwater basket weaving.


that's a good point. I hate when people (myself included) fall victim to information overload. I've read countless articles and most of them contradict each other. Others state, like Louie Simmons conjugate method, negative effects if you train a crtain way (Doing max lifts more than 3 weeks).

Don't get my wrong, Louie knows his stuff, but all this information could lead a person to be fearful when doing certain things in the weight room that proably wouldn't hurt them. There's just too much crap out there.


Amen. I know what you mean 100%.


Good luck. Nice user name, too (gave me a chuckle for some reason).