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I am desperate for Biotest protein bars! I work 5-hour shifts with absolutely no meal breaks! I only have time for a protein bar! The problem is: I will only have faith in Biotest protein bars! TESTOSTERONE GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE??? WHY MUST I BE FORSAKEN LIKE THIS? I SWEAR I NEVER KNEW THE TUNA CAN HAD SOY IN IT! I AM INNOCENT! PLEASE DON’T PUNISH ME LIKE THIS AND JUST MAKE AVAILABLE THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BIOTEST PROTEIN BARS!!!

AMEN, BROTHER! I SAY AGAIN, AMEN!! Seriously, though…the sooner the better. I was one of the testers when Biotest sent samples of the chocolate and pnut butter out years ago and I have been anxiously awaiting ever since…“O where for art thou, GROW bar”?

Don’t be so brand loyal. There’s lots to choose from. Buy what your body needs for the training you do. A body could care less what brand you use.

Quest- Considering that most bars on the market have soy protein, hidden carbs, and junk protein that can’t be utilized by the human body (although it’s claimed on the label) then a high quality, no BS bar IS exactly what my body needs. I’m not necessarily brand loyal, but I’m loyal to honesty in labeling and quality- and yes, that means Biotest over other brands for me.

To others, they said in reader mail a while back that the bars would be out in 8 weeks. I think that was 2-3 weeks ago. So I guess they’ll be out in April.

I swear to god when/if you taste the biotest bars, you will never want to eat another rand of protein bar again. i tested them too, and they honestly did taste better than most candy bars.

I wish that the bars would come out soon also. But more than that, when is the new Mysotatin blocker going to come out. I am sure I am not alone in saying, PLEASE HURRY!!! WE NEED BOTH OF THESE PRODUCTS.

I’m also waiting with great anticipation. Being able to eat one low carb bar a day lets me keep my sanity while dieting. Right now I’m hooked on Nitro tech pb/chocolate chip. I don’t know how well they meet label claims, but god damn they’re good. When biotest puts there bar out I will most likely switch as I have more faith in there products.

I am totally with you here, I NEED those damn bars already!! I am scared to waste my money on the other brands! I too, was one of the testers of the original grow bar samples, and they were pretty good, although I have to disagree with whoever said they are better than most candy bars, and that is just what I told biotest in my review of them. The fudge was definitely good, really soft and chewy, with the right amount of flavour and sweetness… unfortunately, I am not the type of guy who would ever buy something fudge flavoured though, I go for the more fancy stuff with fudge around it! The peanut butter was a bit dry, and had an ok flavour, but was far from eating a candy bar, decent for a protein bar though. Although I personally never cared, as I expect some sacrifices with my tastebuds to bodybuild, and I like bars because of their quick easy source with the carry-around-withya type of quality. I think I heard they are coming out with lemon and some other flavour, can’t wait to buy my 10 boxes.

Will give biotest a try. When scanning the labels of the other bars, I don’t recall Biotest bars? Maybe they are scarce for the reasons you say.

If you had bothered to read the other post, you would see that the reasons the bars are so “scarce” is that they havent been released yet, hence, thats why you havent seen them…not because they are inferior. The ones that people have tried were samples…which shows Biotests dedication and determination in putting out a top quality good tasting protein bar…Quest…wasn’t that the name of the inferior protein some other company put out?

Didn’t EAS say that also top Quaility bars??? To me all supplement compines are the same and they lured you all in!!! Joke is on you. They are the ones making the money why your shelling out you hard earn dollars…It’s ashame. This mag does provided solid training information and nutrition. But when it comes to supplements I think its all a gimmick… Especially when they calim it has the same effect of using steroids!!!

Eat food!!! Train hard!!!

fitone – have you tried Mag-10? It’s hardly a gimmick. Niether are Tribex-500, Methoxy-7, Grow! or any of the other Biotest supps I’ve used.

I eat a lot if bars since I travel - and I’m sick of all of them. Almost all of the low carb bars are nasty. Designer Protein had a couple of alright ones, but “improved” them so now they are so chewy they are inedible. BTW, if you live on the Left Coast, Trader Joe’s has the best bar prices, like $.89 for a Balance Bar or $1.89 for a Met-rx bar. They say they sell more bars than anyone in the country. Hurry up with the Grow bars!

I can’t wait much longer for the GROW! bars either. To make matters worse, I just so an ad for them in the latest edition of MuscleMedia (Biotest has lots of ads in there), so I rushed over to the Biotest store website; still no bars :frowning:

Fitone – I think you’re being far too cynical here. I don’t know whether you’ve tried any Biotest products, but I have. I’ve used several ECA products over the past few years, cycling them, stacking them, taking weeks off and then going back on…etc. Not a one of them has given me the results MD6 has. I know from my experience that Biotest doesn’t just put out a decent product, they put out a great product and always seem to be seeking ways to improve it. Other people will tell you the same, I believe.

That being said, I think it’s unfair of you to make such caustic and callous statements about the “joke” being on anyone. There’s such a thing called “brand loyalty” and unlike most people, I happen to think this is a good thing. Spending more money on a better product not only seems like a good tradeoff to me, but it also improves the overall quality of the industry–if enough people did it, hopefully a few of the low quality crap hawkers would go out.

If a company like Biotest puts out enough [quality] supplements that have worked for people in the past (better than others, especially) then it stands to reason that the other products produced by said company will be of the same quality.

I do agree with the point you were aiming at, just so you know. That is, I accept the fact that Biotest is a company, and, like any other company, it’s ultimate goal is to make money. However, Biotest also seems to realize that if they are honest and make a good product, people will continue to buy from them. They are making more money by keeping customers by way off satisfaction through quality. Even if I were to be a cynic and say that they only make a good product so that they get more customers and more money, and DON’T, in fact, care one bit about the people who buy it or their results, only the cash…even if I said something like that, I’d still be saying that the product is quality. I am not a cynic, so I won’t say that. Either way, I await Biotest Grow! bars with eager anticipation.

I’m certainly not attacking you, but I just wanted to say that I disagree. If you haven’t tried any Biotest products, I urge you to do so before you make any further judegements. If you have, then I’m sorry if the results weren’t what you hoped for. Regardless, if you feel that “a bar is a bar”…then maybe you feel “an MRP is an MRP.” In which case, I recommend GeniSoy. High quality stuff. Keep me posted your results.

Trev, you must be an apostle of Testosterone God! If indeed you are among the T-Chosen, keep spreading the T-Word!!! I sure as hell wish T-God would answer my prayers about the Grow! bars! Drop him a line for me, Trev the T-Apostle! Thanks bro!

To add to Trev’s observations to fitone, here’s four more points. 1. It’s accepted that most low carb bars have glycerine, which acts somewhat like a carb even if it’s not listed as such. Biotest won’t be playing that game. 2. EAS generally makes decent products, and I use them – but they’re also committed to pushing HMB because they have the patent, and it rarely if ever works at affordable dosages. I have never seen that kind of agenda with Biotest. They have a “show me” customer base, and, in the long run, winking and nodding and misappropriating lab reports won’t work with us. 3. Biotest consistently delivers a better tasting product. We’re not wrong to look forward to that. 4. Someone please show me where any representative of Biotest – Shugs, Tim, T.C., Brock, Bill, anyone – claimed that a low-carb Grow bar will have the same effect as a steroid. In point of fact, Bill Roberts has resisted that claim even about MAG-10 (on which I personally gained at least fourteen pounds of lean over two cycles). I appreciate fitone’s cynicism, but his “guilt by association” argument is overstated. Blind cynicism is no wiser than blind trust.

Steve, excellent points. I would have touched on a few of them in my post, but it was getting too long as it was. Just one more thing that I wanted to add, though. Here’s a a thought I had regarding a slight business aspect. Biotest does not need to lie or hype up their products, for reasons aside from quality, and here’s one of them:

They have VERY cheap advertisment costs. Although they do run adds in other puplications, a great deal of it is done through T-Mag, which they obviously don’t pay for. Therefore, since T-mag is not only a great source of information but also a highly effective marketing medium, many readers will buy Biotest products because they read so much about them. Because T-mag is free, Biotest is able to draw in more readers than other mags. The ultimate result is that most of Biotests marketting goes DIRECTLY to the majority of their customers, via T-mag. Other companies don’t have such direct marketting, as people reading a given magazine may just flip over the ads. Biotests highly effective marketing method allows them to save money, so that they can 1) invest more in R&D and 2)Make quality products at a reasonable cost.

Just my take on things. Oh, and Deperate; I’m no T-apostle. I just like protein bars =) Okay, I’m getting off I’m soapbox now.

By the way who’s marketing idea was it??? Wasn’t it Bill Phillips idea to market EAS products in MM??? Now you Biotest fans hate or despise BP but I think he is a innovator for supplement companies just like Wider once was. Just because BP got away from the steriod end of it. You t-man and women despise him??? Why do you call him a sell-out??

Another point to be made it this subject is that do you know how much they mark up their prices??? It rideculos…

Did you know most MRP sold to distibutor cost around $20 for a 20 packet but when it gets to you guys it cost around $60-80 thats a 50%-80% mark up now that insane!!! No wonder why GNC has super tusedays… where u save a whopping 20%-30% on all supplement!!! RIPP OFF I say.

$99 for Mag10 I wonder how much profit is Biotest making??? Probably 80%-90%.

I am telling you supplement companies are out to make money!!! Not to benfit you. I wish the FDA would find a mediator and regulate on what supplement can write in their claims on a product…

My sources tell me they’ll be in Tuesday. NYCE.

"MBE: Biotesting it to tha limit since 1440."