I am Convinced this is What I Want

After alot of reading and talking with my wife. I have decided to try a cycle in June. I am worried about being on the Down low with the water weight gain. SOOOO here is my thoughts for a cycle.

1-10 Sustanon250 125mg EOD
1-12 Anastrozole .25 EOD(and adjust as needed)
5-10 Cytomel 25mcg daily
13 40mg Nolva and 100mg Clomid
14 30mg Nolva and 50mg Clomid
15 20mg Nolva and 50mg Clomid

My thoughts were that this combo would help me keep the bloat down and help get me from 15%bf to the 10-12% range. If this is a totally FUBAR plan “Let me have it”

-weight training 3 years
-38 yrs young
-MMA, martial arts and kickboxing 30 yrs
-5’9" 185 lbs
270 bench (bad shoulder hoping gear helps repair)
315 deep squat
405 deadlift
14 widegrip pullups

No need for both nolva and clomid in your PCT, IMO. Not that it hasn’t been done before… but not by me.

Wrt the cytomel, do you have experience with this? Granted 25ug sounds like a low dose, but I wouldn’t recommend running 7 weeks of that during your first cycle. Keep things simple.

If you’re worried about retaining too much water you should probably just focus on adjusting the adex (as you wrote). You can bump it to ED if necessary.

You are nowhere near advanced enough to NEED a thyroid drug to cut. You are 5’9 185, ~450mg T should be plenty to preserve the (hard to make this not sound insulting) little amount of muscle you are carrying at 15% BF.

How do you know you are going to bloat on 437mg of T?

Don’t rely on testosterone to repair your shoulder. That is a recipe for failure and possibly more damage. You muscles will get stronger but your tendons and liagments (which I assume are the injured part of your shoulder) will not progress proportionately.

Bone I dont understand what you mean that the T should be plenty to preserve? I was looking to add not preserve! I maybe was wishful thinking to get up to 200 on the cycle and burn some fat with the Cytomel and newly gained muscle. I dont know if I am 15% but thats what the caliper reads. I wrestle and roll jitsu and have a solid build. Dont worry about sounding nice. wouldnt consider the gear if I didnt want to add size. Thanks.

Well your cycle screams of someone looking to cut and considering your sport and bodyfat level I simply assumed that you wanted to drop a few pounds.

Ditch the thyroid stuff completely. You absolutely can not lose fat and gain muscle efficiently at the same time. Some people have the metabolism to bulk and lose fat while on a cycle but you shouldn’t plan to do that.

Getting to 200 pounds shouldn’t be a problem if you are willing to eat. If you do it right you should be able to gain a good amount of muscle with minimal fat gain, which in your case, should lower your body fat %.

Thanks Bone, easy enough I can drop the cytomel. I want to gain some muscle and hope I can retain 5-8 lbs a year after running cycles and loosing the water gains.

I have been very disciplined the other way (dieting to make weight) so I am looking forward to consuming copious amounts of clean foods. I no longer fight competively so weight is not a issue. Last year after a MMA tourneyment weekend my wife made me retire. I got second in a winner take all tourney, but I was bed ridden for a week. She said enough of this! It was time to leave it to the younger guys. Now I just roll for fun with highschool and college kids.