I Am Back

Not that I have been posting a lot.

I had a 3 hour surgery to repair an incisional hernia that came along with the massive infection from a surgical error and punctured intestine last July. That is the short story.

Traveled to Shouldice Hospital. World center of expertise for hernia work. Was on my feet walking a lot the next day. Part of the cure. No strong pain killers that leave you sedated in bed. The first morning I got wanted to get up, I unhooked my IV and carried it in hand to the nurses desk and asked if I could get a disconnect. That did not go over very well.

Everyone seemed to do very well with two extra strength Tylenol. Yes, one feels sore, but not “in-pain”. When everyone sees how others there for the same issues are doing there is a contagious optimism.

My surgery and anesthesia were long and the nurses and others were quite surprised how well I did. Family were in pleased disbelief about how I was out and about.

On day 5 I drove 2 hours and on day 7 I drove 900 miles [12.75 hours] - both solo. Good to be home.

Welcome back KSman. Hope you are taking your iodine (to reduce further infection) and adding some turmeric for inflammation is great.

Welcome back KSman, I am in ON too and have had double inguinal hernia repairs at Shouldice about 9 years ago and all was well too. My friend’s father recently had his hernia repaired their too but they made him lose 50lbs before the surgery, seems they are big on obese/overweight patients losing weight before getting the hernia repaired.

Looking forward to reading your responses again in the forum.

Welcome back, KSman. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

Welcome back! Hope your recovery continues to go well.

like your attitude!!like a john wayne moment…well pilgrim i’m outahere…

Welcome back and I am glad you were not in the ICU, there you cannot even get out of bed without alarms going off from the telemetry and about a dozen things connnected to you. I was dragging my ‘hat rack’ to the can with me when I realized ‘oh I been catheterized I can be anywhere and do this no need to come in here’ :slight_smile:

Punctured your intestine - I would be talking to attorneys about that. They nicked the neighbors wife and she did not come back for a month & 250k later - but then she did not get any money so maybe its not so easy to sue for malpractice.

Nearing 90 days of 12 hours each - one thing I like about the hospital is my crazy life stops and I get a break :slight_smile: