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I Am Back... And Weaker And Fatter Than Ever


After taking an injury/illness/laziness induced break I have returned to the gym to find that at the age of 43, and with 14 orthopedic surgeries under my belt, my ability to just be moderately strong again has slipped somewhat (actually a lot). I have worked out maybe 10-15 times in 2011 and only twice since February, however I am still hopelessly fat and I believe I may be prepping for a man bra this summer unless I get back on the stick. I had my hip scoped recently so while I am doing a hybrid powerlifting/fitness program, it's going to look more like a guy that is scared to squat and deadlift and really only wants to bench and OHP.

Sun 4/17 1st day my doctor said I could lift

Bench w-ups- 275x3x3, 315x3, 335x3, 355x3

DBell Inclines- w-ups- 110's x 8 x6 x6

Seated OHP- w-ups- 185x5 205x5 225x3 245x3x3

Hammer Rows (Can't do BBell Rows ATM) weights x8x8x6

Curls- 55's x 15x12x12

Tuesday 4/19 Legs and Abs (sort of)

Leg Curls- 4 sets x10 reps

Leg Ext- 3 sets x 10 reps (hurt quite a bit)

Seated Abs- 3x20

This is all very ugly and awkward so far but I figure I need to get back into some form of accountability if I expect to stick with it. Sorry for the long post, they will be shorter from here I think.


welcome back!

I'm probably getting a knee scoped in the near future and Chi-Town Lifter is also recovering from knee surgery. lot's of rehag company here


rehag? is that like marrying your ex wife?

welcome back, I was actually wondering about you the other day. ever try that bench shirt you bought around xmas? Might was well throw in the towel and become a great bencher, lol.


355x3 is a warm up? FML...welcome back.


Hi, Brian. Jesus H Christ, after a layoff you're benching 355 and overhead pressing 245, and you're moaning about being a physical wreck??? Sorry to hear about the injuries and surgeries.

Are those your kids? They're cute.


Happy to see you back.

LMAO about "rehag."

Yeah, your weights look fine considering . . . More than fine.

I don't blame you about being scared to squat/DL if you just had a hip scope.


Sorry for any confusion,k the 355 is a work set not a warm-up, the warm-ups are the bar for a few then 95 for a few etc, I just didn't want to list all of them, I have found eaaassssing into my workouts helps me prepare for the suckiness to come. And yes they are my kids, thanks.

Woke up this morning and felt horrible from the waist down, looked horrible from the waist up.


Bench-w/ups-275x3x3, 315x6, 365x3 (pauses), 335x5, 225x20x15x10x5 (no idea why I did this)

DBell Inclines- w/ups- 110's x8x8x4 (ran out of gas and nearly dropped it on my face)

Seated OHP- W/ups- 185x10x10, 205x8

Hammer Rows- Weights x 8x8x8

Curls- 65's x8x8x8

All in all I felt okay, I tried to do more reps however my body is not really conditioned for that sort of thing (mostly because I am fat) I am going to try and stick with it though, just to keep myself focused on becoming more fit, maybe this is the year I squeeze back into XXL T-shirts.


Hi Brian:

Awesome numbers looking forward to following along and maybe getting some pointers.



Welcome back BH.

Considering you've been out for a few months you still are awesomely strong.

What did you bench the first time you ever touched a weight?



I was a 10th or 11th grader and I was weighing 270 or so and benching about 150 lbs, I was truly a beast.


Ty for the support.


I would be a good example of pointers "not" to follow, if I suggest something it's usually based somewhere in my lizard brain and useless for actually achieving anything, any good ideas I have are stolen directly from the more technical lifters on this forum, I then change 2-3 words and present those ideas as my own.


I would try to become a great bencher but I lack the focus to get really good at something like that, plus I think my new goal involves bronzer (for my Jersey Shore look), a razor (to eliminate the monkey hair all over my body) and six pack abs (or a six pack resting on my abs, I haven't decided).


My thoughts exactly.


I am awful about posting, getting back into the swing of things is hard when you are exceptionally lazy. However I have been working out so that counts for something.


Bench- W/Ups- 275x3 x8 sets
Incline D-Bell- w/ups- 115x8x8x5 (really struggling on last set)
Seated OHP- W/ups- 185x3, 225x3, 245x3x2
Hammer Rows- weights x reps (still afraid to try BBell Rows)
PullDowns- Weightsx8x8x8

LIIIIIGHT Deadlifts- 135x8, 185x5, 225x5x5x5 (Awkward)
Leg Curls- weightsx15x15
Leg Ext- weights x15x11
Standing Abs- 22,19,19
DBell Curls- 70'sx 8x8x9

Bench W/Ups- 315x5, 345x3, 375x3 (pauses), 395x2 (pauses)
OHP- W/Ups- 185x5, 225x3, 245x3, 265x1 (3 was the goal 1 was really heavy)
Hammer Rows- weightsx reps (will start BBell Rows next week)
Dips- 18,14,15,8
Cable Raises- 3 sets of 12
RC Work- 3 sets of 12


Bench W/ups- 275x3 x 8sets
Seated OHP- W/ups 225x5 x 4 sets
Incline Dbell- 120 x 5 x 5 x 5
BBell Rows- 185x 5, 225x5x5 (felt okay, back and hip hurt but it didn't seem unusual)
Pulldowns- weights x 10x10

I am hoping to remian more up to date on this in the future.


Good artist steal, Great artists steal shamelessly.


Training is way more important than posting.

And what's wrong with body hair? Aren't men supposed to be hairy?


I know I'm not over 35, but holy shit this is inspiring: for someone "with 14 orthopedic surgeries under my belt, my ability to just be moderately strong again has slipped somewhat (actually a lot). I have worked out maybe 10-15 times in 2011 and only twice since February" you sure as hell do fucking work.

I think right now you're at a point where people would consider you more than modestly strong... I don't even wanna know what you're like when you're running @ 100%...



All things in moderation I guess, looking like a Yeti is never appealing, and that is what I have started to resemble. And yes lifting is more important than posting, but I should be able to do both.


Thank you for the kind words, it's always nice to hear compliments.

Joined a new gym, the Fayetteville YMCA, it has bumper plates, OLY stations, Heavy Squat Rack set-ups, Fat Bench Bars, a pool (with a water slide) and a bunch of other shit, I am in gym heaven, compared to the dumps I had been using.


Bench- w/ups- 315x3, 345x3, 375x3x3 (pauses)
Close Grip- 225x5, 275x5, 315x3x3x3
D-Bell Incline-75's x8, 110's x 5x5x5
Dips- 15,15,12
OHP (seated)- w/ups- 205x5, 225x3, 245x3, 255x2
RC work- 3x15/3x15
BBell Rows- 225x5x5, 245x5

Snatch- w/ups- 135x3x8sets
Deadlifts- w/ups- 275x3, 315x3, 365x3, 405x1, 425x1, 455x1 (It was uncomfortable but not crippling. I may raise the weight in a few weeks.)
Front Squats- 185x5, 225x3x3x3 (Would like to never do them again)
Hyperextensions- Body+45lbx 12,12,10
Cable Rows- Weights x Reps


Had PT at the VA today, my Therapist is very nice, and incredibly dedicated to making me do things that I would never do on my own. 90 minutes of foam rolling, stretching (with her doing the stretching via a nylon strap), heat, massage etc. I feel like a new man, except for my ass which feels like it is going to fall right off. I have these scheduled 2x a week for the next 2 months then once a week for 3 more, I can't believe I have blown off thses appointments for the past few years, I am an idiot.


Brian, you need to change your log title. Anyone with injuries and surgeries who's benching 375 and deadlifting 405 is NOT weak. Period.

Snapper, not all men are hairy. My chest and back are smooth as a baby's bottom. (I cringe, waiting for the inevitable "You're not a REAL man!")


As long as you're not shaving it, you're fine.


Nope, not shaving. One less chore I have to do.


Looking at my own beginner weights there is no way that you are 'weak' looks like you could throw me and the guy next to me around the gym no problem !!.