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I am an Idiot, How to Recover?

I was too lazy to weigh out my aromasin powder for PCT. I would swipe my finger along the inside of the bag and lick the powder off, probably taking about 10x the recommended dosage.

My question is how do I recover my estrogen levels? I would love to get a full erection some time in the next few weeks.

bash all you want, I know I was an idiot. But if you can answer my question through your frustration, that would be fantastic.

Your first mistake was thinking aromasin is a drug for PCT

I used it during cycle to, but in the same fashion. and continued using it for a few weeks after. I took a dose a few days ago. Should I go to a doctor or will it recover on its own? are there any supplements that will safely boost my estroidal levels and save my junk?

Your problem is that you didn’t actually do a PCT that wasn’t retarded, so you should be worried more about your test levels than your E2 levels.

Your E2 levels will be fine. Your T levels likely won’t be (unless your supplier sold you fake gear, which is possible considering how little you bothered to actually educate yourself on AAS use)

I spent more time educating myself on homebrewing. All of my stuff is lab grade. I have Nova and Clomid on hand, but taking nova seems to lower my libido even further. Do you have any more advice/insults that would point me in the right direction?

You need a proper PCT. Nolva and/or Clomid. 2 weeks at a higher dose followed by 2 weeks at a lower dose. There is a stickey about it with dosages.

Your E2 levels will recover on their own–you just tanked them temporarily.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.