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I am Adding 50mg Proviron to My TRT

I take 200 test a week, 100 on Tuesday, 100 on Friday. I also take 250 IU hcg EOD. My blood work was:
TT: 1350
FT: 30
E2: 48
SHBG: 37
I don’t want to take Anastrazole for my Estrogen, so I will lower my test to 180mg and add 50 mg of Proviron every day. Proviron is legal in Europe, and I trust way more European standards. Why Proviron is not sold in the US?. Anyways, after doing this new protocol for a month I will post how I feel.
By the way, the reason because I want to try Proviron, is because my libido and erections are not great. Is anyone of this forum taking Proviron for TRT?

I think this could turn out well for you.

Altho I’m not sure I would lower my trt if I were you. You have been at that protocol for a while assume so your body has dusted accordingly I would just add the proviron and see how you feel then go from there.

I gotta disagree slightly Zeek. I would say use the lowest dose possible as 200mg is on the higher end of TRT. If you can taper down and still feel OK I would definitely attempt it.


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This is very true I def agree the lowest dose should be used.

I was working under the assumption that he has been on trt and has already gone thru the trial and error phases of different doses and has found 200 to be his best spot. So I figured if that were the case it’s best to only make one change at a time and that would be adding another compound.

If he drops the dose and adds the proviron at the same time and something seems off he won’t know if it’s the proviron or the dropped dose.


ehhh with regards to doses of test, solo I’d certainly say I feel better on 200 than 150, 125 etc. However I see no difference after going above 200 (250).

on mast + test (on somewhat low test regarding HRT, 100mg/wk, like enough for me to average 450-600ng/dl) I feel fine, just as good as 200mg test but without any bloating.

If OP wants to risk some extra cardiac enlargement he could try mast instead of provision, mesterolone is deactivated by 3-HSD in skeletal muscle tissue, the presence of said enzyme in heart tissue would also potentially mean deactivation of hypertrophic stimuli to cardiac myocytes aside from HBP induced enlargement and acceleration of atherosclerosis from HBP and fucked lipid profiles.

Proviron has like a 3% oral bioavailability.

Now what I find an interesting concept to be is someone with 3-HSD deficiency (non classical, non salt wasting variety) took DHT, proviron or mestanolone. Due to the absence of 3-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme, theoretically they might show a massive anabolic response from straight DHT!

Thank you everyone for the responses. Maybe I will try 25 mg of Proviron a day, maybe 50 is too harsh on the lipids. I’m scare to take Proviron, but I read how Proviron is the best anabolic for libido. The only thing is not working for my TRT is my libido, what’s the point to look great if I don’t want to have sex. I get constant compliments from ladies but I don’t care because I have zero libido. Maybe my libido is low because my high estrogen?

harshness on lipids is both genetic and due to lifestyle factors, literature shows 100mg/day (so say you’re getting… 3 mg of hormone per day after ingestion) is quite harsh on the lipids, 50mg or 25mg may still impact lipids, but the effect may not be particularly dramatic (say 50mg gives you a 20-30 percent increase in LDL and a 10 percent decrease in HDL)… sure, this isn’t great, but will such changes really put you at serious risk? it’s highly dependent on genetics, someone with an HDL of 60 and an LDL of 70 isn’t going to be at much risk from aforementioned change, someone with an HDL of 39-40 and an LDL of 130 is far more likely to have more long term risk associated with the use of proviron (but there’s more to it than just cholesterol, the mechanism behind how coronary atherosclerosis forms is complex), so in some cases it may not even be particularly important so long as that person lives a healthy lifestyle (of course there are exceptions, a dude going year round with an HDL of 4 and an LDL of 250 is obviously putting himself under immense risk

Thank you very much for the information. I will take 50 mg Proviron and see what happens

I am taking 50 mg of Proviron daily along with 160 mg test diveded in two shots a week, plus 300 IU hcg twice a week. For a while I was on 200 mg test cyp a week and .50 anastrazole a week. The anastrazole lowered my libido, so Proviron is better in that aspect. Is a shame that Proviron is not legal in the US, but Anastrazole is. In Europe Doctors prescribed Proviron over Anastrazole, and I trust European standards over American ones. The only problem of taking Proviron is that I have to but it online, so you never know if is 100% legit. Proviron is the king of anabolics when it comes to erections and libido

Dr. Greg has been my go to recently for educational purposes and comedy purposes too.

Great video, I will keep taking Proviron.

50 mg is way too much, i only take 25 mg twice per week seeking that antiestrogen antiprolactin effect and it does wonders for sure, i´m an arimidex over responder doses as low as 0.05 mg will make me feel like crap.
I´m also in europe my proviron is from pharmacy but right now the presentation is only 20 pills of 25 mg per box there is no way aany doctor is gonna prescribe 3 boxes of proviron a month that would get him in trouble, i´ve been there