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I am Absolutly Disgusted in Myself!


I might still be in shock... but

Earlier tonight, me and two of my flat mates where in my room watching a film. one of my other flat mates was in bed sleeping and the other was out on a night out.

The one that was out on a night out came home at about 2.30am, he came into my room where we were watching a film and said he was home and had brought a few friends home and was having a small party and if we minded or wanted to join. we declined as we were sober and watching a film. he went back to the party and sounded like he was having fun.

at about 3.00am, we noticed the noise get louder but thought it was just the party getting abit more drunk and noisy. at 34.15am we noticed raised voices and a girl shouting "stay down". at this point we thought something was up, we went out of my room into the hall expecting a couple of my flate mates friends to be having an arguement or fight.

we were confronted by four guys that we did not know. all of them quite big. one brandishing a iron pole. one of them stepped forward and punched my mate who was watching a film with me..

and i should have fuckig intervenned, stepped in and put my life on the line for my friend... did i?... no i fucking didnt. instead a steped back into my room and rang the police/ambulance.

im embarrassed to write this on here and admit to this... but i am a pussy. y didnt i attack the fucking bastards.

after the phone call to the emergency services, i came back out a the 4 guys had left. the flat mate who had had friends back was covered in blood. his entire face covered in blood. massive gash on his head. he had been hit with a metal pole. one of his mates had a glass bottle broke over his head and another two or three were punching and had minor blood injuries.
i fucking froze and didnt help anyone for 5 mins, just stood and watched.

the police and ambulance turned up, i carried my mate who had been hit with the pole to the ambulance and helped the others down aswell.

Afterwards we found out that these four guys had broken into my flat brandishing a iron pole and wine bottle. all because they thought we were shouting abuse at them from our windows. my flat mate and his friends assure me they werent and these guys where fucing nuts. i just found out they also smashed a computer keyboard over one of the girls heads, but she had no blood injury.

the police have just taken our statements and left.

i am am absolutly disgusted in myself that i cowered away in my room and rang the police/ambulance. i dont even know y am i writing this up here. i am freaked out that 4 people could gain access to my flat and seriously hurt people in it.



I keep a shotgun next to my nightstand.

Id recommend you atleast get a bat or a prybar and put it near where you sleep.

Ive never had to use it before, but I did pull it on a guy who was punching out car windows in the parking lot.

Not sure what he was doing, he wasnt taking anything, just knocking the windows out with a rock.


Wtf man. I would be surprised if you had any "mates" after that.




Don't be so hard on yourself. The dudes had weapons. Did you want to get bashed in the head too? Your best bet was to get a gun or a bigger pipe.

This is why I'm down for having a gun in your room stashed under your bed or in your sock drawer. Those bastards meant business.


illegal here.


Only should be upset about not helping after the phone call.


And that stops you from getting them how?


you ran when your friends needed you. That's about as low as you can go, I mean i would understand if you went into your room to get a weapon and came out and the shit was over but this, this is just sad.


after the phonecall, everybody was panicing. girls crying, guys crying... everybody was fucked up.. i got towels, and ice. and picked the guy up of the floor and performed some response tests... but that was it.

i had been sitting in my room enjoying a nice movie and opened the door and four guys are standing there brandishing weapons.... im still shocked and scared that it happened. so fucked up.


i agree


Just learn from the incident and next time your friends need you, do what you have to.


the police just came back round.

they got the guys... booked them on ABH, GBH, and forced entry.


Yeah well you would not have been able to call emergency services for the injured and help them out after the attackers left if you were lying on the floor with blood pissing out the back of your head.


I doubt you've ever been in a similar situation.

And seriously, what would have happened if he had tried to take on four guys carrying WEAPONS? He most likely would have ended up severely beaten up or worse. Calling the cops was probably the smartest you could do in that situation.


Don't assume to know anything about me how about that.


Unless you are an expert martial artist or had a weapon of your own you did the right thing.

It's not like you froze up and did nothing. You called the cops and ambulance.


My only advice is I think most people take the safe roads in life. Why do you think terrorists were so successful here in the states on 9/11?! Talking tough and walking the path are two different things. Have you ever taken any martial arts? They have that kind of thing over there don?t they. Maybe you wouldn?t know how to attack and defend yourself, so that?s why you reacted the way you did.

In my experience people always think they are tough when drinking, since you were sober you could have wiped the floor with them, maybe. Even with a knife most people aren't dangerous. They don't understand how to use the weapon, any weapon for that matter. Take a martial art like brazilian jiu jitsu and learn how to beat some ass with your always available body.


So let me get this straight. You've defended people with your bare hands against multiple opponents carrying weapons? If you have, I commend you.


don't judge yourself to harshly. nobody knows how they will react until they are in are a simimlar situation.

you have no idea. the OP lives in ireland! if he had a gun he would be the one in prison... for a long time.