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I Am a Vegetarian...


Since I have been a vegetarian i have gained muscles in places i could never thought of i am taking isopure low carb along with salad and cheese and shit and i was wondering why my sudden growth and strength happened without eating as much protein


wrong forum, but your low carb probably caused you to lose your fat that was covering muscles you already had....just a guess


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another vegetarian's cry for attention.



For every new vegetarian post I will eat another stake.


"shit salad"

LOL, that got me, thanks.


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Really??? Damn it.


hahahahahahahaha lol!

I'll take it a step further...for every new vegetarian post I'll kill another cow!



Acceptance is the first step, now you must get a partner that you can call everytime you feel the need to be vegatarian again.


I was at my buddy's house last night and he just went vegetarian. I was in the bathroom and see a plastic vegetarian supplement bottle. The company that makes these does more harm to the Earth than killing a cow ever could. I like irony.


I know why girls become vegetarians.

My sister still eats eggs, and chicken, and fish and all that but she just really dislikes the taste of beef and pork.

Some girls just dont like some meats, and they dont need as much protien anyways.

But no male in his right mind would ever become a vegetarian.


I like the taste of rare red meat (mmmm BLOOD), but unless it's very tender I don't have the patience. It takes too much chewing. If this is a "girly" thing, well... I guess I'm girly.

Occasionally I'll eat raw ground sirloin or chuck, though. Excellent flavor. Too bad we have to cook it.


I get to kill the baby lambs!!! With my hands I will wring their soft little necks and drink their fresh baby blood.


naw i am a vegetarian cause i cant digest meat well so it isnt cause i am a pussy i stil take hell of sumplements i am just wondering if there is anything special to take


I have some great vegetarian dish recipes posted here:


I'm a vegetarian, too. (ovo-lacto-peshe-pollo-carne vegetarian)


What kind of vegetarian are you? Do you eat dairy or eggs? One thing you will want to supplement is B12. It is very hard to get it from your diet without eating meat.


Yeah, B12, creatine (vegetarians only have half as much stored as meat eaters) and if you can, make an allowance and take fish oil. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, no problem, but I have to cheat and take fish oil, as I really don't think you can get the right omega 3s from flax.


Oh, come on. Real vegetarians don't eat fish. Chicken and beef maybe, but not fish.


http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=sponsor sums up the solution to this whole vegetarian business. Also, think of it this way, for every vegetarian there is, there's more meat for people who eat real food.