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I am a stiff mother %&*$

Anyone have any good info when it comes to limbering up legs. My legs are large, muscular and have a hell of a time staying loose. HEEEEEEEELP

wow, thanks for all of the info. What you do is put your foot here and move your hips dat way. Now twist and hold for …this long. Hope that helps.

Stretch my man, ideally if you have the desire and time, I would join a martial art of some kind, I have never seen an un-limber martial artist.

If not, just incorporate stretching before a workout, possibly some static stretches mid-workout, and a few hours after a workout… you guessed it, more stretching.

Being flexible will help in everything you do, there is strength in stretching and it helps prevent injury (if done properly). If I remember correctly, Charles Staley has some great stretches for aiding in muscle building and staying limber.

So find some stretches and devote some time to it, guaranteed you’ll thank me for the benefits you will gain.

(sorry I don’t have any links for good stretches, I just do the ones I was taught way back when)


high time to start concentrating on some serious stretching.

Also good fats, fish flax and the like do wonders on helping keep the joints flexible. Are you getting enough?

Come on, Maynard! We’ve been over this before! When you sing better, I’ll untie your feet so you won’t have to hang upside down from a shark tank.