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I Am a Newbie and Need Some Advice



I am a 31 year old guy, 5’9" 112kg/246lbs.
Per my last measurement i am about 33% BF .
now before you immediately reply very high BF, get back to basics, please read on.

I finally go tired of how i looked about 4-5 months back.
When i started i was approximately 120kg/264lbs about 45% BF.
So, once i came to the realization, i decided to something about it.
I started cardio, and then started lifting weights.
have been lifting for about 4 months i guess . Soon as i joined the gym, i took on a PT to make sure that i had proper form when lifting (compounds).
I started with only compounds (Squats,Bench,Overhead,Rows&Deadlifts)
Now i do believe i have made considerable improvements. Put some decent lean mass, and dropped quite a bit of fat.
My lifts have gone up considerably over the past few months, however over the past 6-8 weeks weight loss has all but stopped.
I did notice some body recomp. However in past 1-2 weeks even that has stopped.
In hind sight this make sense(read on…)
All this time,i have been soaking up information like a sponge, on fixing my diet, add exercises and what not.

I have already got my diet fixed for the most part. I have a little bit of difficulty hitting my macros. But that is within 10%.

Couple of days back, i visited a doctor and after a blood test,he informed me that i had very low TT .
He suggested we should do a few doses of TRT . 250mg test enanthe per week for 4 weeks.
Then he would test my blood again and then decide further course of actions.
if normal, stop for 3 months and retest.
Else we go for further testing to try and determine the root cause.

To be honest, he scared me a lil and as such i had my first shot yesterday.
Ever since he informed me, i have been trying to gather as much info as i can.

I learned about the possible side effects.
What is aromatization. How it can be countered (very basic in this yet)
What could be the possible benefits and so on.
Been learning a bit about cycles.

One thing that has struck me is it, if i am going to do this, why don’t i do it right and try to make the best of this situation.

I would like some suggestions from the experienced folks.
Since i have already taken my first shot, what should i do now ?

Should i now just use this as trt and go with it ?
go about my routine as if nothing has changed. Reading up, has made me realize that people only turn to gear when they close to 10% BF and clearly i am far from it. They use it to polish what is already there, and make it shine.
Also, my doc has not suggested any kind of PCT . I will shutdown on 250mg per week, should there not be any kinda pct ?
My doc has not suggested anything for AI either. From what i have been reading, i might be an excellent candidate for aromatization.


Should i try to use this to my advantage ?
turn this into a some kinda cycle and try to put on as much muscle and drop as much fat as possible ?
Having normal T might actually help me drop alot of BF considering the way i was going before i was diagnosed.
i was thinking of dropping in some t3 and clen and increasing the cycle duration to maybe 8 weeks or so. For some reason, the pharmacist never took my script after he gave me the 4 vials.

help me out guys ??

Thank a lot.


I’m sorry to say, but your doctor is just an idiot.

TRT for 4 weeks, and then stop and wait to what happens? What will happen, is just you will shutdown your HPTA axis, making you feeling worse than before.

You are overweight, and fat tissue have an enzyme named aromatase which can convert testosterone into estrogen/estradiol, making you estrogen dominant. Giving testosterone shots will increase your estradiol even more, once you got more testosterone to aromatise.

So, first thing first, you have to know why you have low testosterone.

You got your lab work?

Can you describe exactly your symptoms?


The only thing you need to know right now is get a new doctor. That one will make you worce. You might feel better this week. But TrT has an 8 day half life. Way up then way down all while telling your body you can stop making your own. And let’s not even get into what the extra estrogen is going to do to you. Start reading all the articles pinned to the top of this forum. You have w lot to learn. And it sounds like you could benefit greatly from this. It will be worth the effort


hey portuguese guy.
thanks for the response.
well as per the doc, we do this for 4 weeks and do the test again and see if the testostorone levels are ok.
if they are, we will stop for 3 months and check again. if test is normal means there was some temp issue and no need to investigate.
if however at any point the results are not normal, he said we will go in for other tests.
and free testostrone
in order to determine the root cause of this issue.

yeah i have been reading like crazy on all this.
Which is precisely why i asked the questions i did.
If i continue this, i need pct and definitely AI. wont i ?

well considering i already had the first shot, what do i do ?


Nothing now. Just be ready for the up and down. You are already on his course of action. While you are doing it read and learn. You will know more than your doctor very soon


Four weeks at 250mg EW will shut you down, but if you are tested seven days after your last shot, your T levels will be elevated. It actually takes six weeks for all of the exogenous T to leave your system, and if you are tested at that point, you will definitely have low T. Which might lead your doctor to tell you that you have hyogonadism and give him a reason to start you on TRT. Restarting HPTA without PCT will take a long time and will cause a great deal of misery.

You should get tested after 4-6 weeks to see what your E2 is and then decide if you need an AI. I take 140mg a week and do not take an AI and my E2 is frequently below ten (I’m relatively lean).

If you’re done having kids and aren’t concerned about fertility, you may want to consider just jumping on TRT - 250mg a week is a pretty hefty dose. Just realize, it’s probably for life. It will help you with recomping and the recommendations regarding BF around ten before using is for people with normal test levels that have reached their natty limit. I was about 23% when I started and am around 13% now (I lift pretty regularly and eat well).

It’s not magic, but it will help if you truly do have low T. And, if you do, it would be better to figure out why before jumping on TRT. And, I don’t think four weeks of 250mg per is the right way to figure out why your T is low. I have a feeling your doctor isn’t on the cutting edge of TRT.

Good luck!


TRT is not a temporary solution, unless in very specific situations, like severe burns, severe anemia, etc. And TRT never should be used to “test and see what happens”. TRT is a long-term and “chronic” solution.

Obviously, after your 4 week testosterone shots, your testosterone levels would be in normal range, but LH and FSH will be near to zero. So, test your LH and FSH after your TRT, is useless. You should have done before the treatment, to see if you are primary or secondary.

Can you done some lab/blood tests by your own?


wow, its beginning to sound like my doc is a total idiot.!
i am not entirely sure, but i do believe i can get the tests done on my own.
what all should i be testing ?
Would there be any point in me doing those tests, say tomorrow ?
i took the first shot approximately 28 hours back

You know, i asked the doc, should we consider the test before going on trt ?
he said no i prefer to do it this way. I am now beginning to doubt that he is just trying to milk me for cash.
For some stupid reasons, medical insurance in this country does not cover anything related to sexual health/dysfunction.

Actually no, i am not done having kids. Infact me and my wife have been trying for about a year as well . I told this to the doc, and asked him taking test would affect that.
He said no, it will only affect sexual drive and not reproduction. Based on what i have read so far, i know for a fact that it will affect my fertility.

What is my best option at this point then ?
discontinue immediately and do some pct ? or go ahead with full course and see where the chips fall ?


T without HCG makes for a great way to not have kids. Get a new doctor this guy is bad


Well, the labs should be done before the T shot.

Anyway, you can test for:

CBC (complete blood count)
Comprehensive metabolic panel
Lipid Profile ( Total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides)
Free t3
Free t4
25-hydroxi-vitamin D
Vitamin B12
Testosterone Total

Anyway, did you take any medication? Rx or OTC