I am a Kaiju Sith!

Hello fellow T-nationers. Just a Star Wars and Godzilla nut job trying to become Huge strong guy. To see my current routine and diet, One Armed Row and Bench Critique - Beginners - Forums - T Nation

My reasons to get rid of my gut:

  1. Health
  2. Strength and Muscles
  4. Whoever my wife will be, I want her to desire me for sex after we are married together. (Yes, I’m still a virgin and waiting.)
  5. In particular, I want cannonball delts, big yoke and lats, glutes that make women want to grab, and Tree trunk legs. Want the whole thing of course, but those bodyparts I like in particular.

The type of bodies I admire and would like are something along the lines of Pro. X, Jim Wendler, Matt Kroc, ect…

I welcome all advice. Please note though because of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, I will not drink alcohol, Tea, coffee, nor smoke tabacco or drugs. I am well aware of the health benefits of Green Tea, but I will not drink it and ask please do not suggest anything contrary to my beliefs. Caffeine is okay and not against the word of wisdom despite what you may here as far as rumors. Also, I am not here to debate politics and religion.
Please forgive me for not having videos or pics yet. I am not here to boost. I will get some eventually. I am well familiar of the rule “Videos or it did not happen”.
My plans:
Track diet progress
After platuing on current routine, do Madcows 5x5, then either 531 or westside for bodybuilders.

My food today:
small bowl of egg salad
two scoops of whey isolate right before dinner
Dinner: 1 and a half plates of Spaghetti and meatballs, two small pieces of French bread with butter, and a bowl of plain salad.

Also I switched back to barbell bench. The gym I go to has a set squat rack with a height perfect for my body for benching so I do my benchs from bottom up. I am too scared to get pinned.

I am a bit odd compared to others on this site. For example, I feel chest in barbell bench presses almost exclusively while feeling delts and tris in dumbbell version. Side Lateral raises make my biceps sore even at 5lbs while feeling nothing in the delts and that includes using the vince gironda trick of pouring them like water. The only thing I feel my side delts is wide upright rows. When doing leg presses, higher and wider on the leg press hits my quads while lower on the leg press hits my hamstrings.
I like deadlifting but I always feel it in my glutes, quads, lower back, and upper back.

My delts in general are stubborn but luckly OHPs hit them though they do not like to grow and get stronger.
Benching is easy for me.
Low-bar squats I can’t seem to get the hang of. I have never felt this stretch reflex that Mark Rippetoe harps on. High bar is more natural for me and I like knowing that depth is reached since all it is hams sitting and resting on calfs. I videoed myself and showed it to my competitive Olympic weightlifter friend and she said my squat depth was good. Just get a little tighter.

Keep mind I am not blaming SS for my failures at excuting it. It was my fault.

Just weighed in. 324.6lbs. 1.4lbs loss.

Hi, been busy with school and have not checked in. Here are videos I have taken over the past few months.
First one was last Tuesday.

Squat 270lb
First set did 4 reps: WP_20150616_009.mp4 - YouTube

My other video is not uploading but I was only able to get 2 and so I deloaded by 10% as per greyskull lp.

The other videos were months ago and cannot remember the various weights other then they were in the range between 200lb and 300lb.

I know it’s bad I can’t remember the weights but I thought it might still help with advice.

Anything common you all find I should work on? Thanks for the all help. I will post on the beginner threads.

After an emotional hiatis, I am back. Yesterday was Deadlift day. Felt great getting 325lb at 6 reps. I think I might have gotten one or two more reps in. I think the high amounts of lat and upper back volume is paying off in general. Heres the previous thread with my asking hunger advice as well as my current split. Advice for Stronger Willpower to Fight Food Cravings/In General - #16 by Darthzilla99
Did all the assitence work listed except the hypers as I forgot. Also, instead of defranco agile 8, I found I had an old log that listed Chris Duffin’s squat and dead warm up and since I did not have all the equipment for agile 8, I am doing the Chris Duffin warm up instead for squats and deads. For those curious, BEST Warm Up for Squats & Deadlifts - YouTube
In addition to using the junior gorilla gripz on my Deadlift warm up sets, I am now using them on my hammer curls. Hopefully that will work my grip while my using straps for a lot of my other pulling movements. I read in starting strength a long time ago that it can be argued that doing double overhand grip on the warm ups is sufficient work for grip strength, so I thought why not take it a step further and use fat grip style training for the warm ups and curls.

Also, did three runs on the stadium stars. I do not know how high the stadium is, but it’s a typical high school football stadium. My conditioning goal for right now is get to 5 runs with only walking back down as the only rest. Right now I can get to three.

Yesterdays diet went well. I had 3500 calories total so that went okay with 180 grams of protein. I also did my Dead day before dinner so that should help. Dinner was German dumplings and goulash. In addition to the fast days, I am going to start waiting until after my workouts to eat my carbs of the day.

Today’s plans are bench day and light swimming. I will see how 215 on the bench goes.

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In for progress, jumped over from your other thread. Rooting for you dude.

Thanks. Also, pardon my spelling and grammer at times. Even if its not as bad as seeing bae, or reading dat dar gainz, I always try to improve.

Also little tid bits I have observed if anyone who knows better can chime in:

Big backs look great and help in the lifts in general. You need big lats to pull the bar in bench press, locking the bar in the squat, helping with pulling in the deadlift, and bouncing in the bottom of the press. Big traps and upper back in general help with Deadlift lockout, resting the bar in the squat, and stabilizing in the bench and press. Not to mention preventing rotator cuff injuries.

Edit: Forgot to mention that lats and upperback can take a lot of volume, but lower back not so much. Hence why I do a lot of machine rowing, lat pulldowns, and movements I took from John Meadows. I hate dumbbell rows, but I love meadows rows and one arm t-bar rows.

When I am not at School, I use this tinky homeowners weight room club. It has a free weight set squat rack that is just right for my height, rubber coated plates (not the olymbic lifts kind), old lat pull down that goes to 225lbs, a high leg press that because of the plates I can barely get over 700lbs on that thing (hence I use for single leg work), a typical hyper chair, an old lying leg curl, an old leg extension machine, an old seated bench press machine, an old overhead press machine, a bench press rack, an adjustable bench, a flat bench, a preacher curl bench, two ez curl bars, an adjustable dumbbell, and dumbbells going from 3 lbs up to 55lb. Their dumbbells make Planet Fitness look like the lunks LOL!

At least I have a barbell there that can load up weight for the big lifts and I can even do free weight squats. Then they have a stair master, and other cardio machines. Most of the time, it’s not crowded so I can get things done and out. I hate though people are always playing CNN and Fox News so I have to sometimes listen to Trump or Hillary as I am trying to deadlift.

Strong backs are good. Strong everything is better.

That’s the plan.

Bench day was fantastic. 220lb at 5, 3, 6 reps felt great. Did not have a spotter for pullover tri extensions so I did rope pushdowns with the junior gorilla gripz attached. I know it’s early to say, but I think the focus on big back is helping still.

I will say, I have a hard time with shrugs and traps. I think I will try shrugs again once my deadlift gets up a bit. My traps love high pulls but I am not sure where to put without adding too much fatigue to lower back.

If anyone has trouble getting the triceps to activate, fat grip attachments really help.

Off to fasting torture Wednesday.

Farmer’s walks are great for the traps. I hate shrugging …

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Life got busy a bit but things are going well. Down to 316lb. Family vacation stuff and other things, I will continue 5/2 diet Sunday. My current lifts

Squat: 330lb 5, 3, 2
Press: 115 3, 3, 8.

Tomorrow will be bench day. Yesterday I tried New York Pizza for the first time. Thinking positively, I hope it spoils me soo much that I can’t eat any other pizza from Papa Johns or Little ceasars. Later some time I need to try Chicago on a cheat meal. I tried 5 hold second dumbbell shrugs. I know that DOMS are not the end all, but I still don’t feel anything. It’s either I can shrug or it’s too heavy to shrug, there’s no pump or soreness.

@Darthzilla99 What’s going on? Where are your updates? Do you want to do this, or are you just talk?

Hopefully you’re just slacking with your logging, which isn’t a big deal. Don’t slack on yourself and don’t run away from what you really want, unless you just don’t want to do it after all. There’s nothing wrong with being fat and content.

If that’s what you want, just say so and I’ll leave you alone.

Sorry, slacking on logging and diet. I missed squat day today so I will do tomorrow as squat day, and Thursday will do fast instead, then Friday and Saturday will proceed to bench and deadlift days. Press was 120lb 3,3,7.

Any tips on taking Apple cider vinegar without adding alot of juice? I tried taking a tablespoon straight and thought I was going to die.

Okay good to hear you’re still at it. Any progress on the scale with the 5/2 method?

Sorry, nope. I’ve never felt the need to do that. Maybe just chase it with water?

Sorry for the late reply. Because of unexpected family stuff, fast did not happen today but I did start gaining willpower and held my calories at 3400. Also, my squat day was a bad day but still was able to do the assistance work.

I’m not trying to be a dick, but you didn’t answer the question. I’m not asking it to bring you down, but to get you thinking about whether the 5/2 method is the right approach for you. You committed to it almost 3 weeks ago, so enough time has gone by that you should have seen some results on the scale.

How do you think it is working? Have you made measurable progress? How well have you executed the plan? Does it feel like something you can keep up over time?

You don’t have to answer these questions here if you don’t want to, but make sure you are thinking about them yourself.

Keep up the work buddy, if you need some ideas just on me and I’ll help the best I can

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Busy with school. Started and on 3rd week of 531 powerlifting template. 5/2 method was working, but it also made me not think clearly on the days I did it and I need the thinking for school right now with the load I have. It got me down to 316lb, but then fell into some personally unexcusable depression and blow up to 323. Since starting school for the past three weeks, I have been eating a lot cleaner and less overall at averaging 3100 calories a day. Also, taking 2-6 tablespoons of ACV a day is also helping. I’m down to 315lb while my bench, squat, and deadlift continue to rise. Press is stubborn as usual but hey, wendler says have patience. Gotta get back to homework now.

For now, I will stick with counting calories, 531, and jump roping. My jump roping goal is 100 reps in one set.

After rhe basic 531 what are you doing for assistance? What your macro breakdown look like now

Inclines, close grip bench (too heavy for dips), snatch RDL (nothing to use for suitable box squat depth), v-handle pulldowns, Wide seated cable rows, t-bar rows, decline bench sit-ups, gorilla junior gripz hammer curls, neck work, pushdowns, wide upright rows, and sometimes gorilla junior gripz dumbbell shrugs for grip work. I try to keep my pulling equal or greater than my pushing work.

On the compound stuff try to get 8x8, isolation movements try 4x8to10. And do some intervals sporadically through the week