I am a Geek

Okay T folks I have created a problem which I think maybe difficult to resolve.And I need some advice to see if there is anything else I can do.
First off before I tell you what I did I accept that I am totally in the wrong and behaved like a complete geek.
My ex girlfriend and I have managed to remain friends even though we split up just over six months ago.She ended the three year relationship not for another guy but because,well I think we had gone as far as we could go on that front.
She is dating again he is ten years older than her,I have never met him but know that he is her supervisor at work.
So that is the background,to our situation.I was quite happy to stay friends and had no ulterior motive on hoping that we could get back together.

However on Sat Night I left a bar I had been in at all night and I was wasted.At 1am I thought it would be a really good idea to give my ex a call!,after waking her up I then proceeded to talk trash about her current boyfriend,which is bad enough but I then said " well I am glad he likes FAT girls".Needless to say she put the phone down instantly.
This girl is so self conscious about her weight,I cannot believe what I said.In fact though no excuse i do not remember most of what I said.
When I woke up in the morning I was horrified at what I had done,I know I am a complete asshole.The fat comment was way out of line and so was the trash talk.
I have tried calling to aplogise but and I understand why she refuses to take my calls.I had a phone txt of her saying that she was really hurt by what I said and to leave her alone.
I have sent a letter of apology by post and email saying how sorry I am.
Have I thrown away a good friend for a moments drunken madness?.Or can any of you out there think of anything else I can do to show how much I regret what I did.

hahahaha…wow dude. Better move on.

Yes, you’ve lost a friend. Now that you’ve apologized leave her alone. And never blame your actions on being drunk.

You know, getting drunk just loosens your inhibitions… you probably have some anger towards her, and you could only express it while being drunk. Best to move on.

You’ve done fucked up my man! Hate to say it…but that was an utterly dumb thing to do!

By the time the final totals are tallied, you’ve probably lost more than one friend.

Send her a box of chocolates. lol Sorry, couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

You are right Doogie,I am not blaming my actions on alcohol,blaming them on the fact I can be an asshole at times,and I think its fair to say that was one of them.
Yes I have done all I can,and will now leave her to get on with her life.


That is damned funny.

Embrace the assholishness. You will feel much, much better after you admit that you said it because you wanted to say it.


You guys are right,but Shaf,Nephorn,I totally agree with what you had to say.
Although I was wrong and I know I really hurt her,I do not feel bad at all.
Strange that though I did a bad thing I feel no guilt,if anything I feel a sense of relief that things are finally over.

You need to give up drinking. Can you tell us one single positive thing that drinking has done for you?

What are you doing banging fat chicks?

Stop drinking.

I don’t know any girl who’s not paranoid/self-conscious about their weight except Patricia, but then she doesn’t count, cuz she’s not a mortal like us.

Just move on. She’ll never forgive you no matter what you do anyways.

that was just dumb

Ah, those drunk 1 am phone calls…

Beni and restless,
restless would say, “It didn’t happen that way. It is just propaganda.”
Beni, let me fill you in, restless is an American hater who only believes things that fulfill his vision of America as the world’s evil.
Now back to the topic, you can’t expect to stay friends with an ex-girlfriend. Things like this will inevitably happen. Unfortunately, you will just have to stop calling her altogether. Forget it. It’s over. If anyone disagrees with me about the friend thing, then that person is wrong.

nephorm: I agree with you on the
view that getting drunk only takes away
your limits, but doesn’t create something new. So to say.

But agreeing to this I was wondering
if you had some research validating this belief, or just some experience perhaps? :slight_smile:

Beni: I have been in that position
of wanting to talk thrash to an ex
but never did it actually.