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I Always Knew Mike Shanahan Was...


... a pussy. Whether that move was legal or not, that was a seriously lame. I hate you Denver bastards so much.





It is very legal, and called "icing the kicker". He didn't do it last year and it cost us a couple of games.

Oakland impressed me and I think the new coach will do well, however, you guys need a new kicker. Janikowski is no Elam!

Broncos tend to fall asleep whenever they get a double digit lead. They need to learn how to put opponents away, Cutler will be an all-pro soon.


I don't think that calling Shanahan a "pussy" is warranted. If you were the head coach of an NFL team, I'm sure you'd have no qualms about icing the other team's kicker. The Raiders played a great game, and probably should have won. However, many games are won and lost through choke moments like that.


I agree Shanahan deserves some respect and it was legal and apparently a smart move. Janikowski should be able to hit that kick twice in a row. I don't care if he was hitting them from 65 yards BEFORE THE GAME! Doesn't matter one bit.

That game was an emotional roller coaster, I thought something would go positive for the Raiders for the first time in years....
Josh McCown looked like garbage for the most part, How open was Porter on the deep route?! He isn't healthy enough to be effective right now IMO.


That was just pretty standard coaching 101 at the end there. Even in a crowded sportsbar, you could still hear the whistle clearly before the snap.

That is a really tough way to lose a game though regardless.


Regardless of the outcome I'm gonna agree with Shanahan being a useless vagina. He's # 1 since the head vagina Elway left.


Completely. The great and fearless leader was a complete dickwad. I don't think "icing the kicker" usually encompasses calling the timeout so that no one but the ref will notice and a kick will need to be redone.

That said -- man, what a leg on Janikowski (too bad he is a classic kicker basket case (see, e.g., Vanderjagt)). He hit the top corner of the upright on that second attempt, and the first one that split the uprights had at least 15 more yards on it... Gotta love that mile-high air.


I am a Denver fan and that being said with the way they are playing I feel sorry for them when they run into a Patriots or Colts caliber team. As far as the timeout do what you got to do to win.



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Just don't videotape him.

Don't blame Shanahan, blame the stupid rule. When he called time out the ref should have stopped the play right away. I don't like the way they can do that now but it was very smart and it saved the game for them.


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Icing the kicker is a classic Cowher move. Done right it works like a champ.