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I Almost Had a Heart Attack Today


Ok so like the title says I almost just had a heart attack. I'm pretty sure that if I was older or fat and out of shape I would have had one.

Apologies in advance for the long story... I hate "wall o text"s when I see them but its really hard to tell this story with a short version. I'll try to appease the readers with this picture.

Heres the story:

So I have been doing some secret engagement ring shopping lately and got a call from the diamond lady that they had gotten some new stock in for me to come take a look at. I went it this afternoon and looked at the new stuff, one in particular. They had just gotten the diamonds in today and it was a good price for what I was lookin at.

At the end of our meeting I told her that I wasnt going to buy anything today and that I still have some more places to go check out (this was only the 4th store I had gone to). She said that she could put a down payment on the ring and diamond so that they would hold that specific one for me and not sell it to someone else. There was no requirement to purchase from this jeweler and if I find something somewhere else that they would refund me 100%.

It was only a $500 deposit to hold it so I thought "Hey why not." I gave the woman my card to charge and she goes away to run it. She comes back and hands me the receipt to sign and I look down at the card and about died... I CHARGED IT ON OUR FUCKING JOINT BANK ACCOUNT!!! The account we use to pay our rent and bills! What a fucking idiot! I started freaking out. I was losing it inside the office because this is a TOTAL SURPRISE! I've been doing such a great job keeping it a secret and I fucking blew it by charging it to our joint account... not my credit card OR either of my other two personal accounts. I cant believe what a rookie mistake that is

I called the bank and there was nothing they could do to remove the transaction. I talked to the jewelry store and had them Void the transaction. Whenever it tries to post it is supposed to just drop off the statement but until them it shows up as a $500 charge to the jewelry store. I was freaking out. Completely sure that I had blown it... I was running through a million different scenarios trying to figure out how I could get rid of it or explain it away.... Then I called my brother and his wife had the best idea ever!

I told my girl that I was shopping for her graduation present and found the perfect gift. I told her that like an idiot I had charged it to OUR account and not my own. I told her it would void out in a day or two and drop off but until then she cant look at our statement otherwise she'll be able to figure out what I got her for graduation. She agreed and I think this could work.

I was freaking out SO BAD earlier about this and legitimately having a panic attack... I bought some carne asada to throw on the grill and a 6 pack of beers so thats kind of helping now... but I'm still worried. I almost blew it and ruined everything.

So like I said earlier... if I would have been older or if I would have been a fatty I probably would have had a heart attack today.



Secretly I was engagement ring shopping for my girlfriend.
I decided to put a hold on one really good deal I found today.
I accidentally used our JOINT ACCOUNT instead of my personal account to make the down payment.
The transaction was voided but is still viewable, told her i had gotten her a college graduation present accidentally with it on accident.
She said she wont look and hopefully it clears by tomorrow or the next day.
I was freaking out so hard I thought I was having a panic attack or something.

I'm a fucking retard and made such a rookie mistake... what is this amateur hour?


Dang dude. I'm lucky- my girl has a good friend who works at an engagement ring store (one of a hundred in provo), so she's going there this weekend to do some preliminary choosing. Then in january, I go up, talk to her friend, and pick the one I like best of the ones she likes. We avoid the stupid co-ring shopping thing, and I get to still kinda surprise her.

Your story sucks though bro. Glad you made some sort of solution.


Yeah hopefully it works out. I'm still gonna be sweating it out until the charge drops off (hopefully tomorrow)

Having one of her girlfriends that you trust is an awesome resource lol. Especially one who works at a engagement ring store! You lucked out big time man


Aww you guys are so sweet!!!!

Yeah, I'm a sap.


Nikki did you read my how i'm going to do it in EFLATK 31? Yes, this is a shameless attention whoring move, but I'm dang proud of it.


Lol yep, which is why you two guys are the sweetest ever <3


Appreciate the cliffs and incentive pictures.

Glad it sounds like it's gonna work out, you only get a few big things like that in life and it's nice when they work the way you want them to.


Just hope she doesn't read T-Mag.



Haha no she doesn't read on here lol. I definitely wouldn't have posted this if she did. I'm hoping the transactions cancels itself out at midnight. 30 more minutes... Cooooooome on!


if she says no, we can go shopping for some prime ass in hillcrest. down?


Not including Greg's homo-rific mustache, this thread has gayed up the streets of T-Nation like the parking lot of bars in the city of Castro, after last call. Thanks...



I almost had a heart attack just now.
Vicomte posted.


Does your girlfriend have fake tits? They look nice.


Lessons in life young patawan lessons in life. Wait to you have kids, then you will have a fucking heart attack almost every day.


Dude you'll be fine. Even if (and I'm not saying this would happen) she looked at the account and saw a charge for $500 at a jewelry store, who's to say that the gift isn't a piece of jewelry? It doesn't say "$500 for engagement ring for the future Mrs. Gregron" does it? Don't sweat it.

Although, by now I'm sure the charge is gone and there's no evidence of said mistake.


yeah good points man. The lady at the jewelry shop was saying the same thing. She kept saying "she wont know its a ring. You cant even buy a ring at this store for $500."

So far the charge is still pending. I think it will clear tonight at midnight (hopefully)


hahahaha deal... kinda? lol

hahaha no she is all natural... Those pictures were just of random babes.

Thank you my oh so wise T-Nation black uncle! Yeah kids would be crazy. My little brother is married and has a daughter. Shes almost 1 and a half now but I'm already sweating it when she gets older and starts dating. I told my bro I'll be huge by then and I'll intimidate anyone who tries to date my niece lol.