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I Ain't Goin' Home Till I Get BIG! Waitwut?


I've been lifting for a year inconsistently but made ideal gains throughout. However now I am basically back to being a beginner since I haven't lifted in about 3-4 months.I did this purposely because I had gained too much mass (bulked up the wrong way) and became way too slow for basketball and because I've been plagued with injury. I've also been inactive with basketball and track so I have lost a a lot of my athletic ability. (One example is that I went from a 28inch vertical to an 18inch vertical)

So now I'm basically starting from scratch. My main goals are to increase my athleticism, strength, speed, agility, and endurance (for both my muscles and heart). As of today I am 5'10, 155lbs (was 172 before I stopped lifting) and I wish to stay around the 155-175 mark so I don't get to slow for basketball and track (sprints).

Once again I am not looking to get huge, but to make myself a sufficient athlete(track sprinter, basketball).

1a) My question is where do I start and how do I start?
2a) Build a strong core and flexibility base before jumping into a routine?

b) Are there any books that I can order which can give me more knowledge on how to construct a proper diet orientated towards my athletic goals?

c) How should I go about increasing the following: (Strength, speed, agility, vertical, etc) - What routines should I start with since I am beginning again.

d) How should I construct my routines? Any books or sites?

Yes I know the questions are broad, I just need some feedback on where to start =/

Thanks! :smiley:


Check out Defranco's stuff, he's more geared towards improving athletic performance but still focuses mainly on the fundamentals of lifting.


There are also some articles on improving your vert on there but I have no clue when it comes to that stuff

Make sure your form is tight or none of this will help you

Good luck


Thanks for thst site very helpful.

What about Eric Cressey does he have any work related to athleticism and strength gains directed toward athletes?


Read some Dan John articles especially Lessons from Southwood


Cressey has just released an e-book, "Show and Go", which can definitely be used by athletes.


The whole Show and go system is 659.54!!! WTF??

Is there any alternatives or any books/more info where I can read up on athletics and where/how to start?


Yeah, the total value is estimated to that. But the actual price is $127, I think. But a shame you didn't get to know about it before midnight 24th. The price was only $77 from the release date to then...

I wouldn't happen to know that much about sports specific training, though. As the others said, I'd probably start looking into DeFranco's stuff, for instance.

You said that you want to:
"2a) Build a strong core and flexibility base before jumping into a routine"
I think the "Show and Go" system will pretty much take care of that, plus tons of other areas as well. But then again, I don't want to make you throw money after something that you may instead find somewhere else.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck, though!


127 isn't bad but it isn't great I may consider it though. However I will continue to look for other sources of info including DeFranco.



Olympic lifts would probably be a solid start. learn how to do them properly and they will help you with all your various goals. Doing them well will seriously increase your athletic potential.


Any books or videos on proper form for Olympic lifts?