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Decided to start a log here. I dont really care if people come and flame, and i'll probably get lazy and stop posting this in a week or so. But decided to post this anyways.

***A little background. I recently increased my BW from 190 to 210 and now am currently trying to maintain weight and increase strength/mass. I'll be bulking again shortly to 220-225 but haven't decided how soon that will come.

***And ive been lifting "seriously" for strength for about 2 months now using westside and have already noticed some pretty consistent and solid gains in my bench and squat. My deadlift hasn't gone up much so ive made some changes to get the ball rolling on it.



ME - Lower

  1. Front box squat 285x1 (got 295 but it was sloppy. 285 was a 15lb PR though)
  2. Rack pull below the knee 315 15,15,10
  3. Single leg supine hip lift 4x10
    4a) Standing abs 5x10
    4b) seated db clean 20’s 5x10
    5*) Pallof press 40 4x10 (threw these in, because standing abs wasn’t working)

Good workout, but couldn’t really figure out how to do the standing abs too well. Im lacking in core strength (weak at bottom of deadlift, and falling over in front squat) so i need to find a better means of strengthening my abs.

Also, i’d like to do more depth on the rack pulls, but the crappy racks at my gym only go this low.



Band goodmorning (monster mini) - 100 total reps
Band standing abs (monster mini) - 100 total reps

Band single leg curl (mini) - 20 reps per leg



Also, i’d like to do more depth on the rack pulls, but the crappy racks at my gym only go this low. [/quote]

try standing on weight plates to increase the ROM


[quote]HitEmHard wrote:

Also, i’d like to do more depth on the rack pulls, but the crappy racks at my gym only go this low.

try standing on weight plates to increase the ROM[/quote]

Ya, i had to stand on a 45 just to get it to around knee level. So it would take at least 4-5 45’s to get around mid shin, and then im stuck with a really narrow stance. I’ll see next time I deadlift though if I can rig something up by standing on stacks of 25’s or something.

Thx for the advice.



DE - Bench

1)Bench (155) 8x3
2)Floor press (225) 2x3
3a)Machine Row (110) 4x10
3b)tricep ext./tate press (35’s) 4x10
4a) DB clean (25’s) 3x15
4b) Cable curl (80) 3x15


8/31 AM

Pushup 50 total reps
Tricep pushdown (mini) 100 total reps
Band pull-apart (mini) 100 total reps


idk how youre gym is but any decent gym would have wood blocks to place on your chest for heavy benching. look for those


8/31 PM

DE Lower

  1. Squat (185) 3x2, (205) 3x2, (225) 4x2
  2. Rack good-morning (205) 2x5RM *Belly button height
    3a)Band leg curl (mini) 4x20 *single leg
    3b)Abs 4x20
  3. More abs 50 reps

-The speed squats seemed to move fast, even when I upped the weight to 225.
-I may have done 245 on my speed squats, but im having a brain fart, so i’ll say 225.
-This was the first time Ive ever done any form of good-morning. Big time stretch in my hamstrings. I liked them a lot.
-Still trying to find an ab exercise that I like. I tried standing abs with a band, but mini is too light for sure. I think i’ll try some form of machine for abs next time.

***Also, since the squats seem to be moving pretty fast, im gonna start upping the weight a bit more. Next time i’ll probably do 205 for 5x2 and then build up to a 5rm or 3rm.



Backward tire dragging+45lbs. 6x200ft (30 sec. rest)

1-leg box squats 40 total reps per leg

***I’ll probably be startinga hypertrophy phase soon, and forward and backward sled dragging will be one of the areas that I get a lot of my volume from. But for now, im focusing on longer durations with shorter rest. (The 200ft sets were about 1min work, 30 sec rest).

***As for the 1-leg box squats, I wanted to do reverse stepups, but couldn’t find anywhere to do them.



ME Upper

  1. Illegally wide bench 2x6RM (205)
  2. 45 deg. fat grip incline db bench (70’s) 8,7,5 (60’s) 9 reps
  3. BW rows 4x6
    4a)Plate front raise 3x20 (25)
    4b)DB clean 3x20 (15’s)

This was a good workout. I hit a +10lb pr from last weeks wide grip bench. And doing wide grip bench and incline, I realize im pretty weak off my chest, and a couple inches off my chest. So i’ll probably start working in some pin presses a few inches off the chest, and pause reps off the chest as well.